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We don’t think that whenever it’s time for your family member to move to a Senior Living Tulsa community it has to be something that is full of life and red and not happiness. Because we know that whenever it comes to finding the very best place for your loved one to live it is a very daunting decision and makes me something that your family is not sure about an even very cautious about. And rightfully so. Heaven forbid something was to happen to your loved one that was unfair or unkind. But we know that there are options out there for your family that there’s going to be right. We know that we are not the only facility in Tulsa that is doing it right. And that is something that is very important for you to know and for you to see how it’s done.

Because there are a big vast amount of differences between the best and the worst. This is one category that you want to make sure that you know what is best and what makes it the best. We can shred the left one’s life is not over just because they are moving to the Senior Living Tulsa community. In fact we find that many of our residents feel like they are starting a whole new lease on life and they get to explore different parts of the personality in person when cells that they have not thought about or even seen in a very long time. Instead of pushing back and becoming more solitary in their days, they will be inundated with new opportunities to meet friends, to gain friendship and to cultivate different parts of themselves in order to have real, true lasting bonds with other people.

Each of our staff is very committed to making sure that they engage with and they get to know each one of our residents on a personal level. So it’s just me and he becomes more like a vacation holiday spot with all of their favorite people. And it is something that we are so proud to be able to provide them.

If you go into our calendar you are going to see all the different things that make this such a joyful and wonderful experience for our seniors to experience. Because we are providing some different activities and things to do. It’s like being involved with a very exciting retreat or club and why not? Senior Living Tulsa should not feel like a prison to the residence, and it certainly should not feel like a place for them to wait and get old and bored and be put away for safekeeping.

Instead, it is a place where they get to have fun and enjoy themselves when they have worked so hard in their life that they have earned every bit of it. So whenever you look at our calendar we want you to look and see if there are Mexican dominoeses. And we have exercise classes and bible studies. And keep looking because you see that we have horse racing with bingo one night and then another night we’re going to have a therapy dog visit. I’ll get us a call and see what you could be providing for their new lifestyle, at 918-249-1262 or go to the website at theparke.com.

Senior Living Tulsa | The Month Of Christmas Here At The Parke

Are you curious what it’s like during the month of Christmas, at a Senior Living Tulsa community residence that is doing things right? Well let us tell you all about it. Or said you could just go to our calendar and check it out for yourself. You can see all of them and many singing events that we are going to be providing to our community. And I’d only know where you are at bringing it to our residence. These are all things that the staff look forward to every single year and put it there as a holiday as much as anything else that they do.

When we start looking at the calendar you’re going to see why. Because of course there’s going to be normal things like we have a painting class that is actually taught by one of our amazing residents. And people really loved that arrest and stopped me. And then we’re going to have different things going on as soon as the six you’re going to see a step-sister’s Christmas show and then of course at night we’re going to help them decorate their own Senior Living Tulsa ornaments. And we’re going to have a chorus and drummers at lunchtime concerts and there are exchanges. There’s just so much I could go on and on, but the whole month is filled with Christmas and togetherness and holiday cheer.

We’re going to have a men’s group and ugly sweater contest and the residents will exchange their Senior Living Tulsa gifts for Christmas. And get to know each other on this level. So whenever you think about your left one and maybe all the days leading up to holidays that they spent alone, and you were only able to come but your family for a few hours on the holiday this will no longer be the case for them. They’re going to have mini events leading up to every holiday that are going to remind them that they are part of the community and part of a group of people that all value them and then they still also have you in their life.

. It is an upgrade, and it is going to be something that is only going to add to their lives as long as you make sure and do your homework and provide your loved one with the best possible option for their new lifestyle change. Give us a call and see what you could be providing for their new lifestyle, at 918-249-1262 or go to the website at theparke.com. It is about the effort that seems so clear to us, but is so clearly done half-heartedly by so many other communities.