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You’re at the park we treat saying Senior Living Tulsa adds like it is a luxury. Because that is what it’s supposed to be, you have already lived a full life and a life of stress and responsibilities. That is something we are going to take. but we don’t want you to feel like the end of your living independently is the end of anything else that is valuable in your life. Because we are going to take this page of your life and we are going to fill it so fully with activity and fun and friendship that you were not going to notice that you are not living in your old house. instead,d we are going to bring excitement and newness to your life a new nurse that is going to be a new home yes but also, new friends new commitments a new community. That means that you are going to spend time with people that you are going to find engaging and fun.

We also value being able to share time as a community because we know what it is like to be lonely which is not exclusive to Senior Living Tulsa residents. This is something that all of us in our community back. So that means that we enjoy the time spent with you as much as she could enjoy the time spent as a community doing things such as may be nice. We had several movie Nights that are built into our schedule each month. And that is just one of the many activities that we provide and structure so that you don’t have to.

Instead, you’re just going to get to enjoy the hospitality and togetherness it is going to provide. It is going to create an exciting and fulfilling way of life that you were going to come to realize it’s the way that it should have always been. Although the fact is that we don’t get to enjoy all of the fruits of life without labor for most of our lives. So we invite you to come and enjoy Senior Living Tulsa the Parkway. And that is the way that is going to leave all of the fun and excitement and friendships that the activity and new adventures we are going to provide half without all of the headaches. That means that we are going to be able to provide meals that are going to be with your friends without you having to cook them or clean up after them. These are the little things that you are going to be saying goodbye to whatever you’d leave your independent living lifestyle.

But they are going to be replaced with everything good and everything that you enjoy about those things and not all the hassle of the chores that go with them. If this does not sound like I can improve upon having to do chores then you might not like it at the park but if it sounds great give us a call at 918-249-1262 or go to Theparke.net

Senior Living Tulsa | 24 Hour Staff

After you decide that you are going to enjoy your senior living, Tulsa years being a member of our community here at the park and that means that you are going to enjoy a snack that is going to be available to you 24 hours a day. Because that is how we do senior living in the Tulsa area for our residents. Because we know that there are going to be times when maybe it is 3 in the morning and you need something. That is the luxury of being a resident here at the park. We also have other amenities that you are going to find feeling and engaging. Whenever we bring new stuff into one of our facilities we make sure that our number one hiring criteria are that they are loving and caring and they are going to be respectful of their Elders. They are going to try to be part of your community because they understand that while they do work in your community they are there to be a part of your life that is going to add value and strength. Cuz we are never going to hire somebody that does not carry these Senior Living Tulsa values every time that they come in contact with anybody within the community. Because we have to make sure that we hire a certain kind of person. And what I am saying is that the type of person that we are going to hire to work within your community is the tightest going to have, says they are going to understand that whenever their elders; you, and your friends are in the room and they are and you are talking about things that you enjoyed a new remember and that you valued they are going to understand that that is infinite wisdom that they can learn from.

Because we find that too often in this world there is a generation of people that do not understand Senior Living Tulsa or see the value that can be gained just from listening. Whenever older people are speaking. Just because somebody is no longer in a situation where they are living independently and they can gain assistance; from our employees doesn’t mean that our employees are going to believe that they are in any way lacking in the knowledge that our residents can impart to them.

The reason I say this is that, all too often staff at an assisted living facility while well-intentioned Senior Living Tulsa, have a habit of treating the residents they are less than others. Like they are undeserving of the care that they are giving orbs like their kids because they are being taken care of incense that you no longer have to do the chores. We don’t hire people like that at the park because we know that each one of our Senior residents deserves respect and to be held up on the pedestal that they have earned. Call us at 918-249-1262 or go to TheparKe.net