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There is no better time to get your loved one in our Senior Living Tulsa. we were you to understand how important it is to us that your family member is being taken care of! We are the highest rated and most viewed assisted-living in Oklahoma, that is because of the extreme dedication that we had to our residence! We always want them to feel welcome, and we always want to be silly. They have a place! It is going to be like nothing you have ever seen before.

We want our Senior Living Tulsa to be a place that you were loved, and can be called home! We went to help provide a piece of mind you, and we want you to feel at ease about the decisions that we make regarding your family member! We want you to know that we are a licensed assisted facility that is going to offer your loved one to save and caring community! Your legend is going to have the opportunity to make friends, and have opportunities to enjoy activities, and engage with other people! We are so excited to offer you such wonderful deals, and we want to get started with you! This is going to be a simple process, we know that you’re gonna love it.

Residents have a say in how their day to day is spent at Senior Living Tulsa. Our staff is constantly providing her. Loved one with undivided attention! We want you to know that our environment is positive, and happy! All of our residence needs are being individually met! Our residents have wonderful families who visit them all the time, and it makes their day! We have a safe and loving environment, it does not have any red tape, and all our goal is to be able to create an environment that feels like home! We are present, engaged, and happy to assist your family member in anyway that we can.

We have so many activities for the residents to enjoy, we just know that they are going to let them. On top of our caring staff, we are keeping you entertained, and we are keeping you fed as well! We offer great food that we know your resident is going to lead! We offer food that is unlike normal “nursing home food“ we love to make sure that we are maintaining the residence and keeping them safe! We love keeping a great environment, and we cannot wait to get you started. We want to help you get started today, we encourage you to schedule a tour!

We can help you get scheduled for a tour, if you give us a call! You can also visit our website to find out more about what we are going to be able to offer your family member! You can call us at 918-249-1262! Otherwise go online to our website and get started to look at the benefits! We also offer veterans benefits as well! You can find our website at https://theparke.net/.

Senior Living Tulsa | Easiest Process

Our Senior Living Tulsa is the easiest process for you and your family member to go through! We want you to know that you can call or stop by for a tour any time! The first step is coming to have lunch with us, you can try out the food, and see how you like the atmosphere! We would love to show you around and meet you and learn more about you! That is going to be our first tickle! We went to meet you, greet you, and get you fed!

The second goal of our Senior Living Tulsa it’s going to be for you to meet our community! We want to help you meet our community and get to know our wonderful staff! We have an entire staff of specialist, residents, caretakers, we have everybody! We want you to meet them, and we want you to find out how you feel about our stop! We want you to be a part of this community, and we want you to feel like you fit in! We know that everyone will greet you, and everyone will love on you as well!

We will guide you through the process of Senior Living Tulsa. We will help you find the floor plan that works best for you or your loved one, we will make it an easy process, and we will make it simple! We want this transition to be a transition that is joyful, not a transition is painful where you were left one! We’re gonna do everything we can to make. You are loved, and feel right at home! We always want them to feel like they still have independence, because they do! When they live in our facility, they have for freedom, they can come and go, they just are being assisted with certain daily tasks, and chores!!

We want you to know that the last step in getting your senior signed up is to help them start a new season of their life! They are going to need your support, and they are going to need to make sure that you were there for them. We went to help them start their new season with our excellent caregivers, our excellent activities, and our excellent food. We want you to know that we want them to be comfortable, we want them to be safe, and we would like to feel like they are a community! We have full faith that your family member is going to love our facility, we cannot wait for them to get started!

We encourage you to schedule a tour, so we want you to go ahead and give us a call at 918-249-1262! We will help you get started on this journey, and we know that your family member is going to thank you later! It is going to be the best decision that you could help them make! You can also go online to our website to look at our floorplans and more options! You will find our website at https://theparke.net