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We set out every single day to make sure that everybody that lives in our senior living Tulsa facility knows that this is not the end whenever they come here to join our company it is only the beginning. Beginning of new friendships and bonds and hobbies that they are going to have for years to come. The reason that other Senior Living Tulsa area facilities do not have the resident satisfaction and long-term residents that we are proud of is it that we have beautiful grounds even though we do and it isn’t because we have delicious food. The truth is we have wonderful food but that is not why we are a five-star rated Senior Living Tulsa facility. The reason why I park Vans above the crowd in our industry is because of our staff and the atmosphere as they strive to create every single day for a residence. When we bring somebody new onto our team and into our residents lives we make sure that they are absolutely meant to be in that position we make sure that they are going to dedicate their time and their passions to our facility in our residence each and every time that they come to work because whenever we hire somebody new to be a part of our community.

It is always a requirement that they value and respect our elderly community. We want to bring people in to bond with our residents and to have a passion for making sure that they have the enjoyable and fun experience that they can still have even this late. If their lives are not the end of anything for them, we consider this the beginning of how we want our residents to feel also.

This is not something that just happened, this is something that is cultivated in a culture and the community that is putting our seniors first. That is why we employ a full-time activities director that is passionate about what they do and they decide each and every time that they are working on our resident calendar that they make sure that their social calendar and their activities are going to feel their time and their hearts.

One of the ways they do this is by making sure that at our senior living Tulsa facility there are a large variety of things which they can participate in. We know not everybody’s the same and not everybody has the same interest. This is something that our competitors tend to forget and believe that because somebody is senior they are going to enjoy the same thing another senior person does. We know that’s what I paste, we know that your loved one is an individual and unique in their own way. This is how we’re going to treat them and cater to their lifestyle. Because we know more than anything our activity director in their heart says that as much as they are working for the park Senior Living Tulsa facility they are also working for their community and our residents and their friends. 918*2149*1262 or Theparke.net

Senior Living Tulsa | What We Are Not

There are many Senior Living Tulsa facilities which I ran by and designed by corporate entities that have no ties to our community or our seniors. This is something we are not. We are very proud to be Senior Living Tulsa area needs and that is connected to our community and has fruits in Tulsa. All this means that we are more invested in our community. It also means that you are not going to walk into our facility and feel like it is a corporate cookie-cutter chain of a place. You’re never going to feel like you can not reach somebody that is going to be able to correct an issue that you have or build any concern that you may have about our senior living Tulsa facility. Instead, you’re going to find that we are a family-run business with Christian values and a great respect for our residents. We only hire the very best whenever it comes to our staff and by the very best, our requirements may be a little different than any of the ones that you may find at a corporate facility. The number one thing that makes an employer hire a bulb is a caring and loving personality and demeanor. This is something that we need to know is the core of a person before we will hire them to work but our residents. Because that is the type of person that is going to enrich and bring value to your family members’ life.

The park is a senior living Tulsa area can be proud of and that is a value. Part of the community here in Tulsa. It is one that has an elegant feel to it and even though our seniors are leaving Independence living and maybe feel that they are losing their independence it will be quickly replaced by a feeling of community and pride in their newly formed friendships and activities. This happens because as you join events you are going to meet people just like yourself.

Our facility has a rich culture in which our clients not only engage with our staff and our activities and enriching classes and amenities but they also have a rich culture of engaging with each other and having a social connection with the other residents in our facility one could example of this is Edna who has now begun instructing our oil painting sessions that which we are very proud of. And then teaches other residents at our facility how to oil paint every week and this is a class that has become extremely popular we are proud to say that our residents are beginning to really succeed at and next cell in their abilities. It may be because we have several artists with amazing latent abilities or that we have the best senior instructor who knows how to pull the hidden talent from their students. Or it is both. 918-249-1262 TheParke.net