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The Senior Living Tulsa, The Parke is something to think about especially if you ask to have a mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, or aunt and uncle that is going to have to be in some sort of assisted living facility in the future or right now. And what’s awesome is that The Parke is actually the Oklahoma’s highest-rated most reviewed assisted-living center. And what you find is that be people living there are always engaged with many activities that they do together as was always something that’s exciting planned whether it’s on a weekly or monthly basis. So you never have to worry about being bored or overwhelmed. But we want to let you know that we are number one for recent it’s because that we have made it our mission to make sure that all residents feel loved and wanted.

Because many times people of gone into facilities where the employees are basically there just make a paycheck and not actually I provide the valuable care that people deserve. Because we’ve made in our mission as a facility to make sure that were only hiring the best people that truly and genuinely care about their staff but also about the residence there. So regenerative because it’s truly become a family atmosphere where family members of the residents are always welcome as well as always making sure that residents and staff alike know that this is a family that is can be able to be treated right as well as offering a team that works diligently to do it all the time.

The Senior Living Tulsa, The Parke knows what matters. Different assisted-living center this is the best driver been to find. The food in the dining here is excellent as well as the staff that provides the care for those who might need a little extra help getting around or other people that work in the dining contact prepare and also serve the food are great too. Emily has a part to play here at The Parke and we went make sure that all residents can still be able to find ways be able to be engaged as well as feel like they can still be a part of something even though they might live and a facility persistent betting. Has what’s good to know is that residents actually have their own apartments therefore they still can live in an independent way when they can actually have a full kitchen to whether able to cook their own meals if they still have the ability and they also be able to have Internet and TV for them to be able to watch and be able to have their own room rather than feeling like you have to have some sort of dorm room experience.

The Senior Living Tulsa, The Parke’s everything you imagined. And obviously it is keeping the residents busy as well as providing a great place to work for the staff as was refer residents to live. The love between the staff and the residence is felt every day. So you as a loved one don’t ask have to worry that your team or your mom and dad are being neglected or forgotten about. Because our that is our goal is to provide a community where people feel loved and wanted. We cannot know more especially if you live separate or maybe you live out of state from your loved one anyone I know that if they’re staying there there gain the proper care that they need to be able to take care and them emotionally physically and spiritually.

They also make sure that there’s plenty of activities for people to enjoy as well as on-site and care maintenance, as well as a chapel and other activities from our activity directed to be able to keep them busy as well as keep their hearts healthy. We cannot know more about how to connect to better serve you as well as being a provide you all the information you need to know about what it would take able to move into one of our apartments. Them soon make sure there are able to offer a policy that keeps things are pretty much precise as well as making sure that you don’t actually have to go through hundred steps or through any redtape in order to live here. Call 918-249-1262 and go to www.theparke.net.

Senior Living Tulsa | What Are You Waiting On?

Our level of care given at Senior Living Tulsa, The Parke is unmatched. No one has been able to come close to what we been able to produce for every single member of our team as well as the residents living with us. We have 24 hours a day seven days a week staff nurses and technicians to be able to help your loved ones get out of bed or even just be able to but not their shirts and if they need it and go to the help going to the restroom. But we also make sure that it is not to be an embarrassing thing to be able to ask for help or even to seek help in one of our communities.

We understand that sometimes people are little bit skeptical especially loved ones who are looking for a place for the loved want to live with a can still have their independence but just get that extra help if and when they might need it. Severe need someone like that are you just look over someone’s able to help you do that and of course we want to make sure that people are having everything they want and also have everything they need. So do not waiter has said to know more about how help and also of the need a better situation.

The Senior Living Tulsa, is everything a more that people can ask for an obviously The Parke is actually up to the challenge to provide a genuine community that is unmatched and unparalleled by any other assisted-living, independent living or nursing home. We understand that there been numerous times where residents have come from the nursing homes that neglect them but that’s not here. It is our mission and our ability to always provide 20,000 day seven days a week care to residents who are paying good money to be able to stay here with us whether it is temporary or permanent let us now and will want to schedule a tour freedom and coming and see for yourself and be able to see different activity rooms the calendar that are wonderful activities director has scheduled for everybody as well as different musical acts and activities for adults bill to get involved witness so I’ll still be able to enjoy the outside world by taking field trips as well as grocery store trips if they need it.

So if you need questions answered or you just like to see for yourself because you’re in town this week and visit the website and fill out the form to the schedule that and then one of our team members will reach out to be able to schedule a time that works best for you so that you can then come with your loved one to be able to get a complementary lunch as well as meet the great team members and amazing residents.

Call 918-249-1262 in go to www.theparke.net now if you’re interested in learning more about what our liberal of care is as well as see the love and care for yourself between the residents in the staff.