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If you’re looking for a Senior Living Tulsa for your loved one, you come to us here apartment. We’re to give you the best all-inclusive and one-stop shop for them so that they don’t have to feel like they are having to move into place where nobody cares what the member don’t have any friends or anything that they want to do. We actually have the best place for them to live and we want you to know that we’re gonna take the best care of them and give them all they need to get the best services possible. We want you to know that we truly do care about all of our customers and all the residents we want you to know that we are going to give them the very best experience have the best life possible.

We have an included mill service that is just one of our many amenities that we offer to our residents. We’re going to be able to give you the most delicious and the most amazing food services possible. The person in charge of making our meals for residents is someone who has had it the multitude of years of working in the food industry and in restaurants so they are able to to enjoy a great food and the great meal that is served right to their table. We never do any kind about the foods and we never want them to feel like they are living somewhere that’s more like a cafeteria. We truly do give them five star service.

If your loved one loves to cook and they don’t want to use our food services, that is perfectly fine. We will always have this food ready and available never they choose that they don’t want to cook, but they also have their very own living apartment with her built-in kitchen and appliances so that they are able to cook whenever they like to. They truly are living in their very own home only it is part of our Senior Living Tulsa facility so that we can actually help them whenever they need help.

We love to assured us all the different options that we have for residents. It really does make them feel more at home and more comfortable about spending their time here. We have groundskeeping and in and out maintenance. They will never have to worry about fixing a leaky fossae or changing light bulbs. All this is done for them. They also have to worry about any kind of Wi-Fi or getting the daily mail. We truly have thought of everything we make sure that it’s all taken care for them and easy to access so that they can still use the services without having to take themselves out anywhere if they would choose not to.

You can rest assured that we are truly the ultimate and most amazing Senior Living Tulsa and your loved one will be so happy that you choose to bring them to live there. Here at The Parke Assisted Living we can be reached by phone if you dial 918-249-1262. You can also find us online if you go to www.theparke.net and view all of our services and even look at our reviews and testimonials to see what people love us.

Looking For Awesome Senior Living Tulsa?

If you’re curious of all the different amenities that we have at our Senior Living Tulsa facility to give us a call today. We’re happy to answer other questions and give you all the information that you need. We want you to be able to make a decision before you even sign up for services. We know that this will help you feel more comfortable about your family member living with us and we know that it will help them to feel more comfortable about living in a new place and not in the home that they probably spent years living in. We really want to make this is an easy transition we want everyone involved to feel comfortable and confident so make sure that your asking is ever selfish and that you have used we will take our time to give you answers.

We really do care about all of our residents we want you to know that you are able to see everything that you need to better facility before you ever made the decision to come here. If you want to know about our library or our chapel or our gardening, it just let us know because were happy to answer. You can also find everything on our website. But if you like to us is in person, you are able to let us know what you are curious about them will give you all the answers. We have so many different services and amenities for a residence we want you to know that they are all included and you are able to have them regardless of if your loved one chooses to use them or not.

Some of the additional services that we offer for our Senior Living Tulsa facility is that we have a medical management program. This is where we can help to make sure that your loved one is getting all the medicine that they are supposed to and that there getting it at the right time. A lot of times this is a dangerous subject for all people because they know what medicines they need to take but they may not take them at the right time or they may not take them in the right amount. We will be able to help them with us and help manage us so that you know for fact that they are getting the medicine that they are supposed to.

We are also able to help with assistance of living activities. So if there is something that they do daily that they can’t do by themselves we are able to help with that. This is an add-on. They’re going to be able to use our facility for dressing themselves as well as for grooming themselves. Or we can help with making their beds and things such as that.

Either way you’re loved one is going to be treated amazingly here at our Senior Living Tulsa facility at The Parke Assisted Living. You can call us not to five questions by dialing 918-249-1262 or you can go to our website which is www.theparke.net.