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Senior Living Tulsa has a wonderful aspect to it because whenever you have facilities like the park you find it takes on a completely different meaning. because we know whenever we are providing a community for our seniors that we are providing a community for the rises and the funniest of us all. Whenever we are working with any of our residents we make sure that we are always listening to them but they have to say how they want their community because we understand that this is their home and we’re just here working at it

. But that means whenever we have directors meetings we’re always trying to remember that we’re not having directors meetings to learn how to direct our residents. Instead we are here to direct each other and keep each other on the right track in order to provide the very best home possible for our residents. This is a concept that we here at the park think that a lot of homes and they greatly suffer because of it.

we are not in the right field to be telling people that have 40 more years experience living than we do how to live. This is not a nursing home and that is also a very often the part that confuses people and even the employees of assisted living homes. and communities. instead whenever I’m our residents in our assisted living facility yes we’re going to be able to be there to assist them with their daily needs if needed. but also we understand that that is all that it is. We are here to assist them in their quest to live their best life. and whenever we’re doing that we’re able to provide them with the type of care that the parent and assistance that enables them to live better lives they deserve that we are not here to create lives for them or to create a Senior Living Tulsa direction for them. We are there to help facilitate their own direction.

and maybe we’re able to present them with activities that they didn’t even know that they left. and if we present it to him and they love it then that’s great if they don’t then that is what it is too. Many times we find that people want to force upon our seniors things that they don’t want to do and that’s not right either. but we don’t do that because we know better and we are here to facilitate a lot of good grace and a lot of respectful fun.

and the type of fun that they actually want to do. and in fact we have a really great example of that and because our facility is so resident directed we actually have a resident here that is an oil painter and she teaches one of the best oil painting classes I’ve ever seen. we actually found that we have several residents that have a lot of hidden talent and they really enjoy this class and this is a thing that they love to do is once a week and I miss what was your name teaches this class every week and she’s really great and a lot of the residents are really great at painting too we have found we have a few Picasso’s in the mix. One day maybe we’ll sell their work and make a fortune until then we’re all really enjoying our new oil classes that we are able to have our resident teacher show us all about and share her passion and her love with several of her fellow residents.

Senior Living Tulsa | come to bingo night with us

Senior Living Tulsa Another thing that you’re really going to love whenever you come to our facility is we want to invite you to bingo night because bingo night happens to be one of the most lively niches that we have. Many of our residents are very competitive on bingo night. and if it’s not the night then we suggest maybe the horse races because that’s also a great time and you’re going to love it. Another option of course if you want to come hang out with us is I’m at one night a week. We have a painting class that is actually an oil painting class at one of our residents at the teachers.

And she’s really great at it. We have also found that several of our other students have kind of just a little bit of a natural talent and so we have somebody hanging out around here. Maybe it’s because she’s an amazing teacher, amazing . Maybe it’s because they just had this. I’m really hidden pains but we don’t know and we don’t really care.

We just know that everybody’s having a great time with that. not only being able to shine at what it is, share that with her community. and that’s what we have going on here so whenever you want to come hang out with us and maybe even take one of these classes please suggest that you give us a call right away because we’re going to get you to a place that’s really fun and you’re going to enjoy it here and not only that but it’s more importantly you’re going to be able to see the type of atmosphere and a facility that your loved one to be a part of and if it’s not with us we hope that it is at least with another privately owned Senior Living Tulsa community here in our town.

Because we know our residents at our Senior Living Tulsa do and they have a really great time and whenever you’re able to hang out with the residents and see them at their best whenever they are themselves and relax it is really a time when you can really understand why we appreciate being here and working with our residents so very much.

and why we are so committed to making sure that we are providing them with the type of facility that we do. and that is why we know that we are doing it differently and why and how we’re able to become the best and the highest rated nursing Home in the whole market. and that is something we’re very proud of, something we’re always going to work very hard to be able to maintain and deserve. Because whenever it comes to having assisted living communities we know that there’s just not enough of us doing it right. So give us a call at 918-249-1262 or go to the website at theparke.com.