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You may be asking what is Senior Living Tulsa is like? The Park assisted living is here to tell you exactly what Senior Living in Tulsa is like at our facility. We provide several amenities in life enriching activities that are not found in every single assisted living facility. in fact they are not found in most senior living or assisted living facilities. Aside from helping with daily tasks such as cooking, dressing, bathing or any household chores that your loved one may struggle with doing alone, we also provide enriching activities such as painting classes, community games and more. Don’t believe us? Just check out our website to view testimonials from our residents themselves and how much they enjoy these activities.

Aside from our amazing amenities and services provided we are a state license and regulated facility this means we meet all regulations and requirements that are required by Oklahoma State Department of Health for Senior Living Tulsa. With this we are able to provide individualized plans of care. This is just the beginning of our services. I haven’t even made it halfway through, but upon admission we are going to address your loved ones needs and decide an individualized plan of care that best benefits them. Of course your loved ones’ care and needs can change and are ever evolving as they grow older or lose certain independencies don’t fear we are here to help with that.

Do you want to see firsthand what Senior Living Tulsa would be like for your loved one at the park’s assisted living facility? Certainly we are more than happy to provide you a tour of our assisted living in Tulsa to check that we are the right fit for your loved one. don’t forget we also have a virtual video tour on our website if you would rather do that then come in person that is completely fine go ahead and check that out at the park.net. So we do understand that in person tours allow you to get the best understanding and feeling of our environment.

have we convinced you to choose the Park assisted living facility yet? if not let me go ahead If not let me go ahead and touch on a few Life Enrichment activities provided by our activity director. Some of the activities we provide are movies, board games, celebrations , painting classes. Even more, we do have outings that take our residents outside of our facility. allowing your loved one to remain independent and in control of the activities or daily tasks that they wish to do puts both you and your loved one at ease.

so don’t hesitate to give us a call today at (918) 249-1262. Our state license and fully trained staff and management are more than willing to provide you the information necessary for you to make a proper decision for your loved one. Their safety is the most important priority to all of us and we hope that you choose our facility to be your loved ones’ assisted living home as we do believe we provide many services that can’t be found elsewhere. Again, if you do not believe us go ahead and check out our website at TheParke.net and see for yourself our testimonials and or meet the owners.

Senior Living Tulsa | Why Should You Choose Us?

From our interior design of the apartments, common areas, to our exterior and Courtyard we have taken the utmost precaution and provided an elegant and thoughtful facility for Senior Living Tulsa. Now, don’t forget our comfortable pricing is one of the most competitive things you will see in comparison to other assisted living facilities nearby. We offer a simple pricing structure which includes a no endowment monthly rental fee. Now you may be asking what does this provide my loved one with their stay? Certainly it provides several amenities, the only excluding things or are additional services such as medical management provided by certified train staff assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), or incontinence management provided by certified staff. The three services listed are optional services that can be added to the monthly rate for a minimum of 30 days.

These Services amongst many others are what make us the ideal facility for Senior Living Tulsa. Now I am happy to tell you that one of the things not yet mentioned is meal services. These meal services are superb. The food is hot and ready to eat and your dietary manager will provide the best, most nutritious meals for your loved one. We even provide private dining room reservations if you have a special occasion or want to invite the family. Guests are welcome With No Reservations though so don’t fear if you want to have dinner with your loved one come visit us tonight!

Senior Living Tulsa has been Made extremely easy By The Park assisted living facility. Our staff are ready to assist you at any time you can go ahead and give us a call and or connect with us on social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Google business. amongst many other things available on our website one of them is a newsletter and a calendar that advises any future activities. Have we mentioned that your loved one will also be able to use an on-site postal kiosk to be able to send mail. Now this may not seem like a lot but as we all know our family especially those older are more used to Postal Services then the online communications.

If you’re considering the Park assisted living facility for your loved ones assisted living or Senior Living needs then go ahead and give us a call at 918-249-1262. Our management would be more than happy to meet you and discuss any needs and personalized care that are needed for your loved one if they do choose to live within our facility. if you don’t want to call that’s okay you can go ahead and send us a questionnaire form on our website at TheParke.net