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The Tulsa Assisted Living place for old people to live comfortably and also live out their lives with better community as well as better amenities. So if you want able to meet the owners at least able schedule a tour then visit The Parke today. We have on-site health and wellness therapy services available as well as we are family-owned and operated for more than 20 years. So we obviously understand how it is to be how important it is be able to be family oriented as well someone who actually knows and understands what it means to grow old and want to be able to actually have a place that they can still call their own but still be in and the vicinity of highly trained professionals that can actually help out with their activities of daily living and just help them get around if they need it. So if you actually have a family member that’s getting close to that point in your lease one able to know what their options would be in heaven visit The Parke.

The Tulsa Assisted Living has everything that an old person could want. So if you’re not on your deathbed yet but it is hard to get out of that sometimes or even just be able to have a little bit less mobility then come and be able to get a free tour and also have a free lunch on us so you can actually discover why The Parke is the place of choice for father time and grandma Moses. Switch are not able to learn more about what we can to be able to help as well as help move things in the right direction so you can actually have someone who can show you around as well as show you why we are different than any other place you would probably find before.

The Tulsa Assisted Living has everything that you’re looking for. In the honestly always make sure that were presenting ourselves in the best way by actually producing great results and also having plenty of family members and residents having a positive experience the moment they walk in the door for the first time. As we always make sure that there is always something for them to get involved in of course were never forcing residents to do anything but it’s always beneficial for their health as well as their socialization able to make new friends as well as be able to get involved in the community some way or another.

So if you questions for us or at least want to be able to know more about our life enrichment as was amenities and services in please visit the website. We also highly suggest that anybody who seriously looking at place for their loved one then you can do with us. We have everything that you want to have a say when make sure they were doing nothing but the best service for all those on who are getting up in age. So course we went make sugar able to write a great service and also great activity for someone to be a great things. To do not know more about what it is that we can also how able to be good because we obviously will make sure that were able to get people exactly what they need and when they need it.

Reach out to learn more about what looking to be able to help and also have a connection get better because we have a single nation able to get things done also have everything done right. Because we are always on top of our game and we want to make sure there but continues to be so every time. Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net.

How Will Our Tulsa Assisted Living Please You?


This Tulsa Assisted Living, The Parke is always on their game. Because they understand that they always to be on top of everything and making sure that every resident comes to visit to check us out your lease residents moving in with us always have something to smile about. We cannot to learn more about what he did better serve you as well as serve our community. If you want to make sugar able to provide a place a home away from home so that even if people actually have to move because they are losing a little bit of their mobility or might need a little extra help there still the be able to come to The Parke to be able to actually live in their own little apartment by themselves or with a spouse and also it was to have supreme of their own with the kitchen as well as bedrooms it still be able to be a stone thrown away from someone who can actually help them if they need it.

The Tulsa Assisted Living has everything that you obviously we are the highest rated must reviewed here in Oklahoma for reason. So obviously were doing something right in being able to help people get whatever it is they need. We cannot see cutting what we can do to be able to help on also what were able to get better. Were happy to help you no matter what we obviously want to make sure that we are hands-down always the one that sought after versus what others are providing. Because it was make sure that were providing something that nobody else can and that’s the fact that we are always offering a staff that loves people as well as people that provide compassionate care that is unbeatable.

The Tulsa assisted living center by the name of The Parke is always can be on top of everybody’s list for assisted living centers. And obviously we don’t want us to be present we don’t want anybody who’s living with us to ever feel like they’re stuck here. Mills and make sugar coming up with great amenities, events, as well as field trips. Yes we want to make sure that there still a part of the community has was able to get out and about be able to go grocery shopping or even close shopping. Of course will to have everything scheduled out so that they can plan ahead and make sure that they know that we have an open door policy for family members to come visit anytime that they want.

We are happy to always supply all residents with whatever it is they need to be able to have a happy and healthy life for as long as us. So don’t kiss yet. Come visit The Parke today to see what we can provide as well as having can change your life. Is obviously will make sure they would offer nothing but the best and give our best every time. If you questions now is the time to do so. Were happy to do that we understand make sure that were providing nothing but the best and always giving 110% to all residents who come live with us.

Call (918) 249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net if you like to be able to get a new perspective on assisted-living as well as some new insight as to why The Parke is the best choice.