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On the hunt for Tulsa assisted living facilities? We got your back. The Parke Assisted Living is the best in all of Oklahoma. We are the highest rated and most reviewed assisted-living facility. Not only do we offer on-site health and wellness therapy services, but we also are a family-owned and operated business and have been for over 20 years. It is very important to us that our residents feel safe and have peace of mind as well as their families. We are truly a place to be called home. So if you are looking for a place to send your loved one that will truly take care of them, then come to The Parke Assisted Living.

I was a wonderful Tulsa assisted living space, we offer our residents caring staff and a beautiful setting in which to live. We are truly a home away from home. If you are wondering what kind of environment makes this place a no-brainer option for you and your family, then let us tell you. We are located in a quiet neighborhood that is beautiful and aesthetic. There are parks and walking trails all around us which enable your family members to enjoy themselves in the outdoors. We also have comfortable living spaces that make it feel truly like home. The floor plans are much like apartments and are open and spacious. We offer single level apartments with elegant to the core and separate living spaces. We also have free Wi-Fi because that is very important. If you want to have peace of mind when you send your loved one to a living facility, then come to the Parke. We are full of wonderful caring staff who are experienced and talented.

If you would like to take a virtual tour of this Tulsa assisted living facility, then you can! We have created a virtual tour of our facility online this way you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to see just how beautiful the Parke is. In our tour you will see all of our facilities, what the rooms look like, the difference activity spaces, and just the general find of our place. We guarantee that after you take the virtual tour you will want to see it in person. Living here is like living in a family. It is a home and we make sure that everybody feels included. We dined together and we live together. This truly the best place to live and provides amazing adventures for the next part of your life. We would love for you to schedule an in person see you can see just how awesome life is at The Parke Assisted Living.

Setting up a tour is very easy, just like living here. All you need to do is call and set up a tour than beater community reserved your residency and enjoy the new season of life. You will enjoy new comfortable and happy season in your life when you live at The Parke Assisted Living. We make sure that everything is taking care of you do not have to worry about having an accident no one being there to take care. Not is why The Parke Assisted Living is truly a no-brainer option for you. We are happy when you are happy and we make sure there is no redtape.

If you are interested or would like more information visit our website at https://theparke.net/ or call us at 918-249-1262. We can’t wait to see you and help you move on to this next part of your life. It will truly be a wonderful and adventurous life.

Do You Need Tulsa Assisted Living?

Are you looking for a Tulsa assisted living facility? Then check out The Parke Assisted Living. We are located in Tulsa Oklahoma and are one of the highest ring and most reviewed facilities in the state of Oklahoma. Not only do we offer our residents beautiful place to live and a spacious apartment, we also offer them a caring staff and bunch of activities all the time. We are a family owned and operated business for over 20 years. We also offer on-site health and wellness therapy services for our residents to stay healthy and happy.

If you desire to send your loved one to a Tulsa assisted living community, then it makes sense that you want one that truly takes care of its residents and is in it for more than the money. Here at The Parke Assisted Living we truly do care about our residents and love them as if they were our own families. It is our goal to bring you peace of mind. That is why we make sure all of our residents needs are met. We offer a lot of activities for our members and make sure that they always had something to do and someone to be with. We act like a big happy family and make sure that everything is clean, pretty, and safe. We hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence. This is what makes us stand out from other similar companies. It is because we truly do try to be a good source of care and aid for the elderly members of our society.

As a Tulsa assisted living facility, it is The Parke Assisted Living’s desire to ensure we have the highest quality staff. Our staff works hard to provide exceptional care to every single resident. Additionally as an Oklahoma license facility, we make sure that we maintain our high standards in order to give you and your family peace of mind. We wants to make sure everyone can sleep safely and soundly knowing that if anything happens, we will be there to take care. Our team is made up of talented and dedicated members who have years of experience and are willing to stay on long-term at our residency. This means that not only will your loved ones be able to make friends with the staff and get to know them as they stick around for a long time, they will be able to have exceptional care. No matter what your loved one might be struggling with, our staff can take care of them.

Our activity director has a motto that we believe is a wonderful way of life: you are never to old to have fun or try something new. We make sure that our staff and residents always have something fun new to do. We don’t your loved ones to be sitting alone in the room doing nothing for days on end. We make sure that our residents are able to enjoy themselves and enjoy spending time with other. We build relationships and friendships with both staff and residents. If you desire to have your loved one at a assisted living facility that values excellence and care above all else, then The Parke Assisted Living is the one for you. You will make sure that we take care of you and that all of your loved ones are enjoying themselves.

If you would like more information or are interested, you can visit our website at https://theparke.net/ cause that 918-249-1262. It is our truest desire that you find the place of your dreams and have peace of mind when you send your the one to their new home. When you choose facility, choose the highest ranked one and Oklahoma.