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Here at Tulsa assisted living center by the name of The Parke Assisted Living we have an extensive calendar for activities for all residents and our community. If you always want to be able to know what is going on each month with our activity director as well as our management team you can ask a downloaded calendar each month to see out the activities that are happening here at our find secure as well as an aphid community. Call us at 918-249-1262 go to www.theparke.net to learn more.

The Tulsa assisted living center that everybody is talking about is none other than The Parke Assisted Living where we have activities that are fun for all ages and also practicing the coronavirus protocols. If you’re looking able to have fun activities for your loved one to be involved with as well as being able to visit able to have some fun with your loved one contact us today to see more of our activity room, as well as our special activities, exercise arts and crafts and so much more.

The Parke Assisted Living is one that has stated that throughout all of Oklahoma as being one of the premier places be able to have loved ones being able to have some independent privacy but still have help with activities of daily living. We do exercise bingo room visits craft class painting classes mobile happy hour we always make sure that we always have wonderful themed parties to celebrate different times during the year whether it’s a St. Patrick’s Day party Valentine’s Day party or celebrating cell residence birthday we want to make sure everybody feel so loved and always having something to do.

Additional information about our calendar as well as her newsletter able to get involved and stay in touch with what is happening here with your loved ones community The Parke Assisted Living to think it was, they would be having to be able to tell you more about Tulsa assisted living center like ours. We have a lot of fun-themed games as well as activity rooms special events such as parties holiday parties exercise classes arts and crafts and painting and so much more. There are ones that are always available to residents as well as there is someone that you need to be able to sign up for. So if you want to be if you want to know more about each month as well as making sure that your loved one is being involved with fun activities like this then you can actually have her newsletter online.

Calls with any additional questions or concerns that you have especially made should he have a management team as well as specialties and administration able to contact in case you haven’t questioned. We also make sure that your loved one is always involved with activities is something else to do whether it be regular retail shops shopping trips grocery shopping or just helping them with their daily activities to make sure they’re always involved in having access to the loved ones as well. To call 918-249-1262 ago to www.theparke.net now.

How Much Will You Love Our Tulsa Assisted Living?

Everything that your loved one needs is to be right here with the Tulsa assisted living company by the name of The Parke Assisted Living. We had been part of Tulsa for many years and we are continually growing as one of the premier places for all elderly residents to live as still have peace of mind knowing that they’re having fun as well as being taken care from all our excellent staff. If you want to be able to read some of our executive directors people in admissions directing or director of nursing and even in her business office we always have a directory available for you able to reach out time that works best for you with any questions or concerns that you have.

So for Tulsa assisted living there’s only one place to go and that is going to be The Parke Assisted Living. Gibbs cultivates celebrity do for you as well as make sure that you have to schedule a tour for morning or afternoon for you and for your loved one in the any as many family members as you want to be able to come and get a tour of the facilities and or centers as well as understand more about our activities as well as a calendar to be able to keep your loved one having fun as well as making new friends.

We chat to since you have going on here perk up a name reconnected like this. Actually our physical location is at 7821 E. 76th St., Tulsa, OK 74133. We are open and ready for business as well as taking residents right now. If you want to be able to sign-up your loved one for having to have a room here with an art community then please do not hesitate to sign up for a tour as well as I get all your questions and answers provided and then we’ll talk more of psychology to be able to go over exactly what it is as well as go over simple pricing.

We want to be able to allow your loved one be able to enjoy staying with us and living with us and so having some independence. Also on that we really do is providing SP assisted living is actually providing help with the peoples I activities of daily living that might include addressing bathing eating exercise movement is mobility and dealing with prescription medication that they might be on. So call 918-249-1262 ago to www.theparke.net now because we have everything that you could possibly need and taking care of your loved one that you having to worry and have always having a piece of my knowing that your loved one is taken care of.

So calls for more information especially if you’re looking to be able to get more involved in what is happening here at the Tulsa assisted living company known as The Parke Assisted Living peer cost at Parkland go to www.theparke.net enabler more information about what we do and how we do and what separates us from all the nursing home is another independent living centers and also go home and surrounding areas of the state.