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The Parke Assisted Living is the premier Tulsa assisted living company that can provide you the things they want as a loved one to make sure that your resident or your mother or your father actually taking care of 20 g a day seven days a week. We had the medical care specialties as well as the specialists and administrators to make sure that while your loved one is careful for in their old age make sure they’re still having independence as well as privacy it still being able to have assistance with activities of daily living. And also being able to have fun and security at the same time. To call 918-249-1262 go to www.theparke.net to be able to learn more about our company is was more about our community residents.

If you want people to get trading to be done and also when you do that you’re with the Tulsa assisted living actually be able to get a tour as well as a complementary mail so you and your loved one and you addressing family members connects the tread of the doctors up to make sure that you again at your loved one section get great nutrition that the same time great food without it being boring.

Joseph also quite a mini social media platform because we are the retirement as was assisted living facility that people are choosing for the loved ones this year. If you want to be able to know more information about where we are located how you can book an appointment you can actually book a tour or maybe what kind of services we offer for loved ones and please do not hesitate to give us a call today here 918-249-1262. We are we do have a facility that we also do provide a beautiful apartment to actually allow our residents and your loved ones to have independent independence and privacy as well as allowing you peace of mind knowing that we have a caring medical staff is always on hand 24 hours a day seven days a week to make sure that they are all right.

We also can actually have you come and check us out to see if our living Center or our facility actually meets the needs of your loved ones and get the express and expertise from being professionals here at The Parke Assisted Living. He is also combined get a tour of our beautiful apartment as well as CS and of the great activities that we have going on for all her residence initially to meet our staff and also see how they assist other residents able to help make sure that the living the best life.

Tulsa assisted living has everything they could want for you let one. So when it comes to providing independence as well as privacy but still being able to help your loved one with her activities of daily living including dressing baiting housekeeping laundry and much more we always want to make sure that every level when it comes to your door sexy safe and actually we always aim to make sure that we can use upon instructions of assisted care centers. If you want to be able to see how we express our love for our senior living senior residents and communities will always come back to the community and working tirelessly to kill us to create a safe space for all residents and anyone he’s visiting the residence. The Casa 918-249-1262 of the www.theparke.net able to learn more information about us today.

What Kind Of Tulsa Assisted Living Are We?

If you’re looking for Tulsa assisted living centers that can happy a place called home for your loved ones they will spend their time also having some independence and privacy, in turn, took The Parke Assisted Living today. Were we celebrate we also have fun security and we also provide safety for your loved ones. No matter how old they are all matters what kind of activity limits they have with exercise anything that would make sure the lilies had the best activities for them to be able to keep them mobile as well keep their mind sharp. You can find our facilities or our community at 7821 E. 76th St., Tulsa, 74133. If you want more information or more information about the staff as well as our living facilities and of Oedipal apartments contact us at 918-249-1262 go to www.theparke.net now.

We understand that you want to be able to have a place for you can trust that your loved one your mom or your dad or your grandparents are to be safe and having still having fun but also never feeling like they live in a prison. So contact us because we are the premier Tulsa assisted living community that is taking Oklahoma by storm. So when it comes to the Tulsa nature area where deftly the highest-rated and most reviewed assisted living area and also the home and surrounding areas. We love to be able to meet you and your residence as well as provide you a free tour and also free complimentary meal. We want to be able to provide you peace of mind that your loved one is safe on-site with us.

He also on Facebook YouTube and you can also get in touch with us by having our newsletter we can always provide you with updated information on the classes activities as well as the parties that are happening here with you and your resident in there and their friends. So if you are at all worried whether or not your loved one actually loves being here that’s why Kelly’s best to schedule a tour with testis lecture loved ones see for themselves what exactly we’re presenting to them and how we can make sure that they feel at home no matter what.

We are The Parke Assisted Living where we were able to help you and your loved one better understand the purpose of our facility as well as making sure that you and your level take the necessary action to help manage their health and also still help them live their best life. So call state for more information if you want to be able to go and get a tour schedule. We are also providing virtual tours by video as well as different videos and photos for you to look at our facility. Also if you want to be able to be involved and still be able to have access to your loved one cost now.

Tulsa assisted living like The Parke Assisted Living is one in 1 million. We cherish our residents and we want to make sure they feel safe as well as having delicious meals provided to them for breakfast lunch and dinner. If you want to be able to see our maybe try some the food yourself you can ask a schedule a tour and also get a complimentary meal when you join us for the in-depth tour of our facility. So call us today to schedule that. Our phone number is 918-249-1262 or go to www.theparke.net to learn more.