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We are quite proud to staff members at our Tulsa Assisted living location, such as Julie Kamalikis on our team because it is people like Julie that make our community what it is today she is passionate and making sure that our residents are engaged and busy and participating in relationships are going to make them happy and healthy and full and that their life still feels like they matter. It is very important to us that our residents know that they are important. Our community and the surrounding community work hard to remind them of this every day.

Because this is a pitfall that happens to so many of our seniors as they grow older and get out less. Once you lose Community you lose your sense of self and that is something that we never want to happen to our residents at our Tulsa Assisted living location. That is why we work so very hard to keep them entertained and engaged and socializing in a way that is still exciting, and you’re feeling to their lives.

This is something you cannot fake or replicate unless you do the work to make sure that your environment supports and encourages your residents to engage and create new bonds and new friendships because that’s what life’s all about. It doesn’t change because you are in a new stage of your life. So at the The Parke Tulsa assisted living; this is what we want our residents to know; this is not the end of anything. this is the beginning of a new. And a new stage in their life. It’s a new beginning that could be engaging and fun, and they do not have to be bored or lonely in these years because they have community and Community is what we are so great at providing for our residents.

This is why we have more reviews than any other assisted living facility in our nation. Five stars is not gained from beautiful grounds, although that is something we have five stars has not gained from wonderful delicious food, although that is also something we can claim and do and five stars are not gained by having the cleanest facility in the nation all of these things are wonderful and all these things are check the author of our list each and every day but the reason that we are a five-star facility and the highest reviewed in the nation is because of our staff and our engaging and enriching Community atmosphere that we provide and that we enjoy and learn from each and every day. However, we are here to serve our residents. We know that they serve us as well and that we learn from each one of them and our lives are more full and better for them and not the other way around. 918-2149-126 theparke.net

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We hope that you and your family can come forward to our facility at our Tulsa assisted living because we know that we can tell you all day long what it is like but unless you come and you experience it for yourself if you are not going to fully grasp why we are at the top, I’ve Tulsa assisted living facilities. Because whenever you come for your toys you are going to be able to feel it in the air. People are excited and having fun and barely even notice that they may be in their later years. Because whenever you’re starting new friendships we know that this is exciting and engaging. We know that these are the days when it matters the most that you have good friendships and friendships that you wake up in the morning and look forward to your day.

Because if you’re not looking forward to your day there is more of a tendency to just let the day pass by without a single memory made or a connection formed. Which is fine whenever any of our residents just feel like relaxing and recharging their battery we encourage that but it was said it’s done too many times in a row that is now a rut and that is something that we try very hard not to let any of our residents fall into because we know that that is why we are the best whenever it comes to Tulsa assisted living facilities and not just in Tulsa it but Across the nation you can check our reviews and you are going to find the same great quality and appreciation from the people that have given us those reviews.

Whenever you come to your 2 or you’re also going to find that we have the absolute best amenities that we could possibly see. Supply and support for our residents because we know that this is their community and we are very privileged to be a part of it. And this is how our staff treats are committed each and every day because they know that not everybody gets to engage with the why is it in our society and they hold that mindset and mindset and everything that they do know that they are privileged to get to learn from and engage with our residents in a way that builds the last thing and close bonds. That is what makes us the best it is not the fact that we have the best building or Landscaping, although we do have both of those and they are both wonderful. it is our status. That’s above the rest and it sets us apart from all the rest of the industry.

Because we believe that Tulsa Assisted Living deserves a facility like our set, we are going to treat our residents like the most important parts of our society because we know that they are. This is the type of set that makes it possible for our staff to see and identify the unique aspects of all of our residence personalities and their skills if they can add and enriched our community with such as Edna who now is teaching an oil painting class to her fellow residents this is something that we’re very proud of and something that and her students also not only love but are proud of themselves each and every class with every painting they showed great Improvement and success this is the type of project that we’d love to implement here at the park and what sets us apart from our competitors. 918-249-1262 or theparke.net