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If you’re curious about the amenities that we have here at The Parke Assisted Living, you want to visit us today in person so that we can get you set up to see anything in person and meet everybody that you need to meet in order to make you and your loved one so comfortable about them coming to stay there. It’s always a very challenging time and this one has to leave their home that they been in for probably years I think created a family in. But we know we can make this a lot easier so what is walk you through the process in know that you’re working with the most trustworthy Tulsa Assisted Living.

We’ve everything you need here. Your loved one can enjoy an on-site Arbor shop in salon. They can enjoy getting all their beauty done in one spot without having a really facility. However, if they do only the sleep there always welcome to do as they want because this isn’t just about them being stuck somewhere. This is about them simply taking everything about the freedoms of their life at their own home and moving them into a place where should they need it there is medical attention available.

There is such a bad five and negative thought process happens whenever people think about a nursing home and assisted living home. We know this happen because when you come to live with us here at The Parke Assisted Living, you’re not going to your typical nursing home. You’re coming to somewhere where you are able to enjoy your life as you always have and you are going to notice your family as much as you want to and do all the things that you love doing but you’re suddenly going to have staff in the building available to help you at a moments notice.

This is why we truly are the most reliable, most trustworthy, most honest, most reputable, and most amazing Tulsa Assisted Living. We know how to help you and we can help you better than anyone else we want to show you and your family member why you should bring them to us if they are needing to live somewhere that they need a little bit more of an immediate reaction is something were to happen. Give us a call because we truly want to help you out and want to get your family member summer that they are safe.

You can find us online by going to the website which is www.theparke.net. You can also call us and speak to a representative today like styling 918-249-1262. However you do, you’re going to be shown that we are truly the most outstanding and unique Tulsa Assisted Living ever could be. You can visit us in person as well and come to our facility to see everything herself and also enjoy a meal with us and see how good our cooks are and what the meals would be like for your loved one if they were to move in. Either way we want them to fill comfortable and we want you to fill comfortable because this is a big transition in life and we want to make it as seamless and as easy as possible.

Looking For A Tulsa Assisted Living That Will Take Good Care Of Tour Loved Ones?

We truly beautiful comfortable about sending whoever it is that you’re needing to send over to us whether it is a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a grandparent, or anyone else, who may need to be coming to live in our facility. Because we have this amazing Tulsa Assisted Living we want you to feel as comfortable and as ready as possible to make this transition. The stage of life can be hard for a lot of people and they can impact families in a big way. We really just want you to trust that we are doing what’s best for you and your family and that you can trust us to continue doing that even after you’ve left and your family members with us.

If you can imagine your family member walking out of the house and going to the barbershop were visiting the local library and checking out a book, or even just going for a walk on the trails near their home, this is exactly what they could be doing when living with us here at The Parke Assisted Living. They’re also going to do this and be able to not have to leave the facility if for some reason they don’t want to get out and about. So if the weather is really bad or they just don’t feel like driving or taking the bus, they can stay in house and get a salon and barbershop right then and there.

Because we are such a well-known and sought after Tulsa Assisted Living, we have more amenities than anybody else. All of our apartments for our residents are spacious and they are going to get them plenty of room to live in and it feel like they have their own home without leaving them with an entire home to clean and take care of daily. We do offer weekly linen cleaning as well as weekly housecleaning. So your family member designed to wonder about if they have to clean house that day because working to come in and do it for them.

However if your family member does want to clean their own home and they do want to do their own laundry we do have an a laundry room on site and we do have each room with a fleece serviced kitchen so that they can do everything they need to do and have their own atmosphere and their own home without it being dangerous for them. A lot of accidents happen in the middle of the night with the older generations so when these things do happen and they were at their own home, it could be hours before simile came to help them because a phone may not go off or they may not be able to reach the phone or they may not be able to even talk.

We never want this to happen to your loved ones that we never want to type in our loved ones, not why we created The Parke Assisted Living. We wanted to be the ultimate facility for Tulsa Assisted Living and that’s what we’ve created. So visit us today in person or you can go online and find out more by going to www.theparke.net. You can also call us at 918-249-1262 and see what we could do for you today.