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We we know that we are always open and available to you for any questions and concerns he might have. If you’re thinking about sending one of your loved ones to our facility to live, the know that we have 24 hour staff available to answer your calls and to assist you. So as you are looking into finding a Tulsa Assisted Living, know that here at The Parke Assisted Living you are going to get the ultimate services and the most all-inclusive packages for your loved one to become a resident here.

We have large and spacious apartments for them to enjoy. They can have their own apartment that is not just a single room with a bathroom that they have to share. They are to be able to have their own bathroom their own kitchen their own walkout private patio area and so much more. They never do about sharing any of those amenities that people love to have their own homes. They can go enjoy the community and the camaraderie that happens when you have all of these people in one area and one building.

This is where we hire only truly the best of the best in staff members because we want to make sure that any given moment if you’re was one need something from our Tulsa Assisted Living facility, they are going to get a staff member who is passionate about giving and the best care possible and he wants to help them because they genuinely care about them. We only treat our residents as wells which we are only one you can rest assured that we are getting give them every ounce of care and attention to details possible.

You also worry about your loved one having an accident and not being able to get help quickly. My staff is there all day and all night to make sure that nothing happens and that they are able to jump in at a moments notice if anything were to happen. If you’re feeling number falls or hurts something and they can’t do what they need to do, we can have a staff member there immediately to check on them help them and get the medical attention if it’s needed. We also are going to have an emergency call button in each and every room so that if your family member needs like they need the police or the ambulance or fire truck, they can push the button it will call them immediately.

We truly want you for comfortable because this is such as Gary’s stage of life and it is such a stressful stage of life. So when you’re looking for Tulsa Assisted Living, know that here at The Parke Assisted Living you’re going to get the best of the best. So visitor website which is www.theparke.net or you can call us at 918-249-1262 and will walk you through the process and will even invite you in for a tour that you can see a facility for yourself and know why we are truly the ultimate in assisted living and nursing home facilities in the area.

Do You Want Your Family Safe At Our Tulsa Assisted Living?

We know that a big part of having a family and having people that you love is wanting to keep them safe. That is where we wanted to create an nursing home and assisted living type of environment for all of our people in our community. You know that whenever you bring your family member to our Tulsa Assisted Living, they are to be treated with kindness, respect, consideration, the utmost care, and so much more. We are going to make sure that they fully feel like they are not only does taking care of that everything is going above and beyond to ensure there are comfortable and that they have everything they need.

At our facility you can always visit your family member whenever you want. This is literally like to have their own home but they picked up and put it into our facility. This is because he wanted.com writer in that community with all the other assisted living residence but they are also going to have the freedom and the liberties to go and do as he pleases they wanted their own home. There could have their own space and in the space and have everything that they need. They can even have their pet if they want. A lot of people are connected to their pets and it is almost like a therapy for them to have that pet, so we never went to take that away and we want them to be as comfortable as they can be in a new environment.

So bring your loved one and bring their furry friends as well to our Tulsa Assisted Living because we know that here at The Parke Assisted Living were going to give you a better service you could ever ask for from anyone else. You can also add on services so if your loved one need something more specific like help with incontinence or help with managing their medications, we’re going to have someone on staff is licensed and certified to do those things.

Were also to be able to help your loved one with being able to make sure that they’re not only taking the medications that they’re taking them the correct way, in the correct time, and that they are taking the correct dose at this Tulsa Assisted Living. We see too many people who have multiple health issues not being able to call their medicines because either forget or they don’t know how to take them and in the end of hurting themselves more because they overdose or they forget and and they don’t get the help that they need. We don’t want this to happen to your loved one.

Systems us so that we can assure that not only are they given the freedoms of their own home but they are having a second were there to take care of the small things that they may not think to do or know how to do anymore. Call us today at The Parke Assisted Living by dialing 918-249-1262. You can also go to our website which is www.theparke.net and you can find all the information you need as well as view testimonials and reviews from our past residence.