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Your Pets Will Enjoy The AC

Pets are wonderful companions and it’s important to keep these furry ones safe during the summer months. While controlled central air and heat is important to adults, it’s also important for animals. Ever seen a cat panting as a result of a heatwave? It can be worrisome for any pet parent! At The Parke Assisted Living, we’re a pet friendly community. And we give our residents the luxury of central air to keep their furry friends comfortable too. 

Just like humans can suffer health problems as a result of heat, pets can too. Having a central air in your apartment keeps the temperatures cozy and you in control. It’s a wonderful feature we have in all our apartments. Providing our residents with this feature keeps them safe and also their animals safe as well too. 

We’re a community that cares. The moment you walk through our doors, you’ll find we’re welcoming, kind, and thoughtful. We’re always thinking of ways to improve our facility to better accommodate our residents. Besides, being among the best assisted living facilities in Oklahoma, we have a great reputation with the families we serve! 

Looking out for our residents best interests starts with us learning what matters to them the most. A good heating and air system, and if they have pets, a safe place for their animals as well. Our apartments are spacious and have a private patio as well. This way, when you’re desiring to escape any cold temperatures indoors, you can step outside and enjoy a warm breeze. And your pet can too! 


Enjoy Our Beautiful Landscape


Being outdoors is a great joy. You get to enjoy beautiful blue skies, experience well manicured grass and fresh air. When it comes to taking your precious furry friend outside, you will have the opportunity to spend time playing outdoors. And if it’s late at night, you’ll find a well-lit pathway to help guide you. Our community is designed to serve you.


We’ve thought long and hard on how to create a community where elderly can enjoy independent living and feel as though they are still at home. Because we all know “there is no place like home.” For over 20 years, we have provided our residents with great housing, wonderful activities, and beautiful landscaping. Our goal: The Parke feels like home for them and for their family. 


When you’re looking for people that really are committed to really maintaining a community that really is going to be beneficial to you, you’ll find it right with us. This we promise: you will be glad you chose The Parke as a place to live (and your pet will be too!). 


Create Treasured Memories With Others


Creating great memories at The Parke is important to us. We’ve created an environment where you can connect with like-minded people. Join an activity or an exercise class. How about sitting in on a movie night with a group of movie lovers? The Parke enjoys putting on the best activities for our residents. When our community is thriving with healthy relationships and wonderful events, we’re achieving our goals.


Every month we set big goals. We’re always improving our meals, and we’re always thinking of ways to better serve our residents. Is there a recent movie (or classic) they haven’t seen yet? When it comes to serving our residents, we make sure we’re asking the right questions and going in the right direction. 


From grooming services, chapel services, and a library, The Parke is a place you’ll find everything you need and more. Our living room is a great place for people  to gather and experience lovely time with friends. It’s also the perfect place to gather and talk about special memories or occasions with others. 


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When we built this community, we had your loved one in mind. Growing older can be a blessing. We understand many face difficult and unforeseen challenges. And that’s why we strive to put the joy back into life at The Parke. Every day, we present new adventures for our residents to experience life, and life abundantly. 


Come experience The Parke. We invite you to explore our beautiful community. Join us for a great game or for lunch. Our lunch menu is amazing. If you enjoy salads, we have a variety to choose from. Let this be the year, where you find the perfect place for your loved one. And before you can decide on a place, you’ll need to experience it first. Our wonderful staff can schedule a visit.


If you’re still hesitant, we invite you to check out our wonderful video testimonials. There are many choices when it comes to deciding a great place to transition your loved one to. By reviewing our testimonies, you get the opportunity to hear what we’ve shared with you in this article. We can tell you how amazing we are, but hearing from others is even better. Let us share with you what others are saying about our great services. 


“I highly recommend The Parke.  Our family is very pleased with the care that our loved one has received.  The staff is wonderful to work with and are open to any suggestions to make the residents more comfortable.” Ann Banes


As we mentioned earlier, we’re always looking at ways of improving. If we’re not growing, then we’re not challenging ourselves to become better. When we set bigger goals for our company, we see the results in our community. Because we value everyone who walks through our doors, regardless of level of need, we want to be sure we have the correct answers for their needs. 


Excellence is our goal and it’s our aim everyday. When we miss it, we learn from it and explore a wide-range of ways to help us hit the mark. Treating others with dignity begins with setting the standard of quality within our organization. And when you visit our facility, you’ll see how much we care about providing the best services.