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We open our doors for you to come visit us. Schedule a visit and a tour, and have lunch with us! As mentioned earlier, this is our way of saying, “thank you” for coming to visit. You will be able to enjoy our wonderful food selections. 


When you’re looking for people that put their best into what they do, you’ll find it with our team. We make great things happen daily! When you take a seat at our table, you’ll really experience for yourself every bit of goodness we offer! 

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Imagine A  Place Where They’ll Be Happy

Our lives can get busy. The calendar gets filled with activities, gatherings, assignments and returning important phone calls. When this happens, a helping hand, one extended with grace and kindness, to assist you in accomplishing your household chores, is a welcomed blessing.

At The Parke, we understand the value of being there when our residents are in need. We extend our hands, ready to help with trash removal, changing bed linens, and vacuuming.  When a cleaning need arises, we meet our residents with the strength to help them achieve it. Because we also know life can get busy, especially in our thriving community! 

Some days, your loved one may need help with cleaning the living room or removing the trash. Other days, they may have the stamina to accomplish the tasks on their own. Either way, Parke’s team is readily available to provide them with the best care and hospitality services. 

Why Choose An Apartment At The Parke? 

When selecting a large spacious apartment for your loved one in an assisted living facility, choosing one with a great staff is important. As we mentioned, sometimes life gets busy and your loved one may feel tired or not up for the task of cleaning.  This is where we step and say, “We’re here to help.” 


Those four words are what we practice daily. Treating residents with dignity and respect is what we put into action. Because we know without that type of commitment, we couldn’t build healthy relationships with our residents. We value our relationships with our residents. And we understand family is important, and your family member is important to our staff. We’ll go the extra mile to change a pillow case, fold the blankets, and pick up a piece of paper. We’re friends there in time of need.


Knowing our residents by name is important to us as well. You’ll hear us give them a warm greeting or even a high-five! We’re excited to see them. We’re happy to talk with them and hear about the best parts of their day. We’ll welcome them to breakfast or to join us for a craft event. Anytime we can create smiles, we’ve done our job. 


Need Help In The Evening? Call Us!


Having a team available around the clock gives our residents a feeling of peace. When a situation arises, maybe they need help getting to the bathroom or perhaps they need help for medical reasons, our caring team arrives ready to assist them.  When we show our residents the love of Christ, which is being patient, kind, and understanding in midst of problems, they begin to see we truly are someone they can depend on. 


Dependability. It is important when looking for an assisted living home for your loved one. We never want to miss a call or miss delivering on our promises. We thoroughly plan out our days to ensure every resident is properly taken care of. This eliminates any feeling forgotten or overlooked by a staff member. Of course, when we do miss it, we quickly resolve the problem and learn from it. We’re always striving to be better. 


Be Prepared To Laugh A Lot 

Of course, we love to have fun with our residents too! When you choose to get an apartment at The Parke Assisted Living, you’ll enjoy daily activities. We are very intentional about making sure that we plan the perfect activities that’ll build relationships and fun.  For example, we have craft and games nights. If your loved one enjoys reading, we have a wonderful book club. Creating a community that is thriving with healthy relationships is important. 


Your loved one will enjoy shopping with friends. Field trips provide another opportunity to strengthen relationships. We often schedule trips to department stores and Walmart is one of them! There your loved one can find food items, gifts for family and friends, and apparel for the current or upcoming seasons. Keeping your loved one plugged into the community in a safe way matters to us! 


We Provide Great Pharmacy Services


Making sure your loved ones get their proper medication matters to us as well.  Perhaps you have been the one driving to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions. In addition, you’ve had to make sure your loved one is properly taking their medication. When you choose The Parke, the responsibility shifts to us. And we’re excited to fulfil this role. 


Good health is important. Keeping your loved ones healthy and strong begins with great medical care. Our team has experience in medicine. We’ll serve the right medication to every patient that has this need. This is a job we take very seriously because we value our residents’ health. We double-check ourselves and stay accountable with charts.  


Another part of staying healthy is getting proper exercise. Our team puts on the best exercise classes so our residents can stay in the best shape. Whether it’s doing some stretches or “light dumbbells” workouts, we’re all about strengthening hearts and minds. They’ll enjoy some fun music as well to get them moving and help their bodies grow stronger. 


Another benefit of working out is reducing stress. Everyone is tempted to worry about life problems and various circumstances. By planning weekly workout sessions, we’re giving our residents a chance to keep the blues away! Just 10 minutes of exercise boosts one’s self-esteem and makes them feel happier.