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Happiness Begins Here

At The Parke, we enjoy being a blessing to our residents. In other words, bringing joy to their lives on a daily basis because we understand when you get older, a helping hand means a lot. It communicates: “I’m here for you” and “I’m someone you can count”. 

Visit our wonderful facility today. Come experience for yourself one of our incredible activities or explore our beautiful garden area. We believe you’ll discover why we’re named among the best assisted living facilities in Oklahoma. Of course, you can check out our remarkable testimonies as well. We have plenty for you to read or even listen too! We look forward to seeing you! 


We’re Here And We Care


Beautiful. Cozy. Pet Friendly. Private Patios. Experience all this and more at The Parke Assisted Living facility. We’re a family owned facility that’s located in the beautiful and thriving city of Tulsa. And we’re Tulsans too (life-long!). Our desire is to create a safe place for the elderly to flourish and enjoy an independent life, as much as possible. We offer the perfect place for your loved ones to build lasting relationships. 


Residents Love Our Facility 


Choosing a great apartment starts with choosing one that has a great reputation. Our reputation is one of excellence. Families love having their loved ones stay with us. We’re a safe, fun, and loving community. We put on weekly activities, plan field trips and prepare the best meals. 

You’ll discover our apartments are perfect for your loved one. You’ll be able to find our apartments competitively priced with great services included.


Of course, we can tell you how amazing apartments are, but let us share with you what others are saying. “My Mother has been at The Parke for the last 4 years and I don’t think she could have been any place better!!!  The rooms are bigger than any other assisted living places plus it has its own kitchen; Very Nice!!!  I am Happy with her Care here; I couldn’t ask for better!”  Cindy W.


And we believe you’ll be happy with the care your loved ones receive too! It is important for us to make sure that your loved one has the best apartment. Our selections of apartments are all big and spacious. This gives your loved one the opportunity to be creative in designing their space. Whether it is hanging artwork or photos of loved ones or adding a recliner and loveseat, they’ll have plenty of room and wall space. 


Our Kitchens Are The Best!


In the kitchen, you’ll find several nice appliances. When it comes to storing food and preparing a meal, you’ll find a refrigerator, microwave, and a stove. And more importantly, a beautiful stainless steel kitchen sink. It’s important because it’s easy to clean. We rather our residents spend time doing the things they love, instead of devoting tons of time to cleaning up. And, of course, our weekly cleaning crew is readily available to help with any tasks. 


Another highlight is the kitchen’s cabinet space. Properly storing food  eliminates spending precious time looking for items. Cabinets are beneficial in keeping the kitchen organized and free from clutter.  You’ll find the cabinets are conveniently located at a reachable level. This helps avoid any potential falls or using a stool to reach a can. When it comes to keeping the kitchen organized, you’ll have plenty of storage space.


Our Location Is Perfect


Having your loved one nearby means you can visit them often. As we mentioned earlier, we are located in the beautiful city of Tulsa. This means you don’t have to travel far to visit your loved one. We are conveniently located in a wonderful area that is easy to access. 


And we’ve created a community where your loved one can prosper. Our facility offers services for our residents to enjoy life and have it more abundantly. They have easy services to help them with self-care, strengthening their faith and using their creativity. On-site we have grooming services such as beauty and barber salon and a laundry room. For sharing one’s faith we hold weekly chapel services, and house our own library. 


We’re Readily Available To Serve


Even better, our staff is available 24 hours. Whenever our residents are in need, a simple call will send us on our way! (We love serving our residents.) You’ll be able to enjoy weekly house cleaning services to help with keeping your apartment tidy. We understand, sometimes your loved one may find yourself unable to clean or simply do the day-to-day task needed to keep things in good order. In this case, our wonderful staff is readily available to offer you a helping hand. 


We’ll even do the dirty work, so you don’t have to. What do we mean by this? Our residents are provided with trash removal services. Some days the trash may be a lot; other days, it may be several pieces of paper and some banana peels. Either way, our staff wants to help keep the air smelling fresh. You’ll get remarkable cleaning services which includes trash removal.


We Keep The Grounds Looking Good


It’s beautiful inside and outside at The Parke. We have a staff that frequently cleans the facility to keep everyone safe. We mop floors, wipe tables, dust the chandeliers, and vacuum the carpet. The restrooms and mirrors sparkle. A pleasant smell fills the air. When you step outside, the landscaping is tailored and the grass is manicured. 


Taking pride in our property means we value it. And this shows to our residents. We strive to treat others the way we would like to be treated. Keeping a well-maintained facility reflects the standard we uphold as a company. It communicates to our residents that we care about them and we want them to feel welcomed. If you arrive at an assisted living facility with scattered pieces of trash on the lawn with tall grass and weeds and broken outdoor chairs, most likely you’ll turn around and get back into your car.  This is a scene you’ll never experience or see at The Parke.  In fact, we invite you to schedule a visit today!