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The Parke is a special place. Our staff is caring, kind, and friendly. When you walk through our doors, we’ll greet you with a jovial welcome. If you have questions, we’ll seek the best answers. When you need guidance, we’ll be your compass. Finding the perfect place for your loved one is important. And we want to help make the selection process easy for you. 


We believe you’ll enter a place your loved one can call home for many years. We invite you to discover why The Parke is a special place. Come learn why we’re among the best assisted living facilities in Oklahoma  


Finding the perfect assisted living apartment can seem overwhelming. There are so many choices. And maybe you have so many needs, and you can’t find one that fulfills them all. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create a place that’ll exceed your expectations. We’ve been providing assisted living services for over 20 years and we understand what matters the most to our residents. 

Our First Priority


It’s our goal to make the process as easy and smooth as possible. One way we do this is by hearing your vision of what you would like in an apartment. And it gets better. We’ve created a space that’ll you’ll absolutely love. For example, space is always a top desire for many residents. We have many spacious apartments. A library? You’ll enjoy our library and computer area. A recreational area? You can pull out the pool sticks anytime and invite other residents to join us as well.


Perhaps faith is an integral part of your life. We’ve created a space for you. In fact, you’ll love.our small and intimate santaurary.  Surround yourself with people of like-minded faith and grow in beliefs. When you move into an assisted living community, you never have to lose a community feel at “The Parke”. We’ve created a place that is all about helping you stay connected to what matters most and we believe faith is important.


How about community? We have many wonderful residents at The Parke. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other great men and women. People who are open to connecting with others and building a friendship that will last. Come share laughs. Treasured photos. And share precious memories and begin to build new ones. It’s a place you’ll find unlike any other apartment communities in the Tulsa area. 


You’ll Enjoy the Outdoors


During summer and fall months, you’ll love the outdoors. We have a well-designed outdoor space for you. In the summer, you’ll enjoy green lush lawns that are well manicured. Blooming in a well landscaped area are beautiful pink flowers. Experience nature anytime of the day and at night, as you sit under the stars. The Parke is a special place. 


Enjoy our nighttime well-it pathway. You’ll never have to worry about struggling to make it through a dark area. Our pathways are well-lit. There are lamps located along the pathway to help guide you to your apartment or to a place to sit during the evening. We did this so you can avoid stumbling around.  Our goal is to help you enjoy your time outdoors with friends. There are plenty of beautiful and relaxing chairs for you to enjoy the company of others, if that is your choosing. 


Spending time indoors is wonderful too. We have a living room area that is spacious and has comfortable furniture. When you choose The Parke, you’re not letting go of what a home atmosphere feels like. It’s quite the opposite. You are gaining a place that feels every bit like you’re at home — your home. Our living room space is the perfect place for conservation with family or friends or for you to enjoy a good book. 


In the living room is a beautiful flower vase that sits on the glass table. Our furniture is soft and ivory in color. It has big pillows which are perfect for a relaxing feel. Enjoy this space as much as you like, when you’re wanting to get away from your own apartment for a while and spend time with others. 


It’s our goal to make your dreams come true. One way we’ve made it an enjoyable place is by providing a place for a movie night. Yes, we have some chairs and a big screen television for you to enjoy a movie night or movie day with your friends. Choose a comedy, a romantic movie, or perhaps a classic! You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a great movie time with others in the community.