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A Kitchen You’ll Absolutely Love


A delicious home cooked meal satisfies (especially, if you love to cook!). Baked seasoned chicken or chocolate cupcakes bring a pleasant smell to any home. When it comes to finding an assisted living home for a loved one who enjoys cooking, the kitchen is a must-have. And you’ll find at The Parke Assisted Living, we have the best apartments for your loved one. 


There are many choices when looking for an apartment. It can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right one. We’ve compiled a list of incredible features in our kitchen to help you see exactly what our kitchens are like. (Of course, we invite you to view our photo gallery!). 


Cabinet Space


A great kitchen has good storage space. Cabin space is important to storing food items and pots and pans. If your loved one has treasured dishes that have been in the family for years, placing those items in a safe place is important. At least, it matters to us, and we are sure it matters to your loved one as well. Providing plenty of cabinet space gives your loved one a safe place for storing items. 


In addition, cabin space also allows you to avoid chaos in your kitchen. Disorganization creatures stress. You have a hard time finding a needed pot or pan. You find it difficult to locate the salt and pepper for your meal. Having cabinet space eliminates these problems. Of course, our residents can (and do) add more helpful organization tubs and bins for keeping items in its place. 


Enjoy A Stainless Steel Sink


When it comes to cleaning, it’s always good to make it as easy as possible. Our sinks are stainless steel because they can be cleaned easily. They are also easy to use. Besides these great beneficial uses, our sinks are beautiful. Having a beautiful kitchen is important because it means we took careful planning into designing our apartments. A lovely apartment means we care about our property and our residents. 


Store Food In The Refrigerator 


At The Parke, we have scheduled visits to local grocery stores. This is another way we continue to provide opportunities for independent living. We often visit Walmart. If there are some favorite food items your loved one enjoys, they’ll have the opportunity to purchase them at a local store. And if  you ever come to visit, you’ll be able to enjoy cooking along with your loved one as well. 


Having the freedom to purchase food allows our residents to enjoy the meals they love. Of course, we have a cafeteria  that provides a wide-range of options. But maybe late in the evening, your loved one would like to enjoy an Oreo or a bowl of soup. They’ll have the freedom to eat these meals (or snacks) in the comfort of their own apartment. 


Enjoy A Microwave


When it comes to easily reheating food, your loved one will enjoy a microwave. It’s their own personal fast-food service. Simply push a button and within minutes, they have a hot meal. 

No recipes needed or measuring cups. It’s a meal already prepared and ready for them to enjoy after sitting in the microwave. 


Another benefit of having a microwave is preparing breakfast in the morning. Maybe your loved one decides to sleep in a little longer and misses morning breakfast in the cafeteria. They’ll have the opportunity to warm up some pancakes or a breakfast sandwich. And if your loved one misses lunch, they can enjoy a meal in their cozy apartment. 


These are a couple of benefits to having a full-kitchen. At The Parke, we strive to help our residents live independently as much as they can. Of course, we’ll provide assistance whenever it is possible. We’re a kind and compassionate team. But we also understand the value of doing on your own even if you’re in the midst of a helpful community. 


Let us tell you a little bit more about our incredible facility. We have many activities we put on for our residents. And we also have two choices of apartments for our residents to choose from. 


We Offer A Two Bedroom Apartment


We not only offer a one bedroom apartment, but we have a two-bedroom option.  Perhaps your loved one would like to have a roommate. It’s certainly an option for them at The Parke. Maybe having two bedrooms gives the opportunity for additional storage space or a guest room. Having a family member stay the night or spend time with a loved one is always welcome at our facility. 


The floorplans are available for you to see in our apartments. You’ll be able to see the size of our apartments and the features included in each one. This can be helpful when deciding which apartment fits your budget and your needs. If you believe your loved one will have extra the space in a two-bedroom apartment, then you’ll find it with us. 


Spend Time On The Patio


Blue skies, birds chirping, and flowers blooming is always a pleasant sight to see when you’re outdoors. It’s an option we have for our residents to experience with a private patio. Having this incredible feature allows for them to sit on a chair and enjoy the outdoors. It can be seen as a perfect time to enjoy a great book or tea with friends. We designed our apartments to give our residents the best “home-like feel”. 


Come visit our incredible facility. You’ll enjoy a great tour and we’ll answer your questions. Come meet our residents too. They are fun and loving! And of course, join us for lunch. It’s our treat. We enjoy when people come and visit us because we get to show them our facility — one we’re very proud of. As a family owned company, we value relationships. When you come to visit, we connect immediately. 


Of course, we can tell you how amazing our services are. We invite you to visit our testimonial page. Hear what others are saying about food, apartments, and staff!