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Room Controlled Central Heat and Air 

There are many benefits to having controlled central heat and air in your own apartment. Comfort is one of them. Have you ever placed a fan in the window to help cool down a 90 degree room? You may have regretted it later because the temperature remained unchanged. At The Parke Assisted Living, we provide our residents with the luxury of controlling their room temperature.  

Although the weather may change outdoors, it doesn’t have to affect how our residents’ feel indoors. If it’s cold outside, it can be warm inside. How about humid days? It can be 65 degrees inside. We’ve designed our apartments in a way that really accommodates our residents’ needs. No matter the temperatures outdoors, our goal is for our residents to feel comfortable inside.

Get The Services You Desire

At The Parke, providing satisfactory services is important to us. We don’t take shortcuts nor do we ignore small problems. Staying on top of our central and air system reduces problems. Besides, our team is readily available 24-hours a day to serve our clients. 

When something arises regarding one of the systems, our maintenance team resolves the issue right away. The thought of leaving our residents without the proper cooling system during the hottest summer days, keeps us from letting anything go unnoticed or unfixed. We care about all of our residents. We respond quickly to problems and do routine check-ups to ensure everything is running well. 

This type of care only reflects our commitment to provide our customers with the best care. Our goal is to always treat our customers as we would like to treat ourselves. This begins with our first meeting. We get to know our residents. 

It’s been said the sound of a person’s name helps them feel valuable and noticed. We understand that many elderly often suffer from thoughts of loneliness and even depression. We strive to help them know we notice them and care about their well-being. When they call us, we respond promptly. In other words, we drop everything.  It’s treating our neighbors, as we treat ourselves.

Filter Air Is Essential 

Fresh air in their apartments matters to us. We regularly replace and clean air filters in our systems. Clean air is essential. It keeps (or reduces) allergies and other health problems. It keeps our loved ones healthy and thriving, and that’s what we desire in our community. 

A healthy community is one that is growing and flourishing. When we place a high priority on taking care of our residents’ needs when it comes to heating and air, it creates a happier environment. And attending a movie night or joining in on a craft event while there is great central air, makes for a better time! 

No More Utility Bills


Every homeowner knows, when using central air a utility bill follows. The good news is there are no utility bills to pay at The Parke Assisted Living. One of the greatest benefits of renting an apartment is not having to worry about making this payment. 


In fact, you can turn the heat up as much as you like (or as little). During the warmer months in Oklahoma, you have the luxury of enjoying a room temperature to your liking. Our team’s purpose and goal is to make sure you are getting your needs’ met at our living assisted facility. 


Why Choose Us?  

Meeting your needs is our daily goal. The moment we walk through those doors, we choose to put on compassion, kindness, and patience. More importantly, we choose to put on love. It means we place our residents’ needs above our own. Simply put, we’ll go the extra mile to respond to every request we possibly can and plan activities that’ll bring joy! 


Does this all sound incredible? We invite you to visit our facility. Schedule a tour to explore one of our amazing apartments. From the well-designed bathrooms to the beautiful kitchens. How about enjoying a great meal? Let’s treat you to lunch. Join our residents for lunch, and a wonderful craft. 


By experiencing a fun craft, you get to see how intentional we are about creating engaging activities for our residents. An interactive community is a wonderful community. It’s important for you to experience life at The Parke, especially when you come to visit. 


When it comes to having a community that is full of joy and excitement, you’ll find it right here with us. Our staff is diverse in careers. We have professional cooks, excellent medical professionals and skilled maintenance workers. Our facility is staffed with the best. Providing our residents with the best services daily starts with having a wonderful team in place!


Explore our incredible photo gallery, check out our menu or how about the monthly calendar of activities. We love sharing with others what we’re doing at The Parke. It gives family members a peek into what their loved ones are doing and it’s perfect for our volunteers to see what’s happening in our community. 


As we mentioned earlier, we believe in taking care of our neighbor. We believe in providing them with the best services and care that’ll make their day amazing! Anytime we create a happy place for our residents, helping them make memories they can treasure, we’ve done our jobs. Here is a testimony from a family member of a resident. 


“I can not recommend The Parke enough.  My mother has lived there a year and half and our family is very pleased.  The food is excellent which really adds to the overall quality of life.  The mini kitchen in each apartment is something you don’t see at other facilities.  It’s not something you use often but makes a wonderful transition from one’s personal home to the assisted living environment.”  Gracie W.


And that’s not all. We also encourage you to check on her testimonials. Discover what others are saying about our remarkable services and how their loved ones were truly blessed when they stood at our apartments. You’ll find that time and time again, these amazing comments are repeated. We said it is bright in ourselves, but just to let you know that when you choose us you are expecting and you’re getting the best. And we want to help you experience both.