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Living Room

Adjust The Temperate To Your Comfort Level


At The Parke Assisted Living, you’ll find wonderful apartments. One of the features you’ll enjoy is a strong air conditioned system. When temperatures are in the high 90s in Tulsa, having central air is a luxury. And it’s a luxury our residents enjoy. There are many great services we offer, and controlled central air is one of them. 


Transitioning a loved one to a living assisted facility is something we don’t take lightly. That’s why, we’re here to answer questions. Get your concerns addressed by a compassionate team and come learn how we can help your loved one enjoy life. We truly believe the best days really are in front of your loved one. We’ve created a community, where they can thrive! 


Our Team Enjoys Serving Others


To have a thriving community takes having a staff that enjoys serving others. Our team is quite diverse in talents and skills to serve our residents. We’ve hired the best in medical, cooking, cleaning and maintenance work. When it comes to choosing an assisted living facility, having a skilled helper available to serve your loved ones gives you a great peace of mind. 


It gets even better. We are available 24 hours, seven days a week for our residents! If anything happens, we respond promptly. We treat our residents like we would want to be treated, with dignity and respect. We value our relationship with them and their families. Going the extra mile is normal to us, we enjoy making a difference in their lives. 


Demonstrating our value in loving our neighbor as we love ourselves is important to us. Sometimes the unexpected happens late at night or early in the morning. When your loved one cries out, we are there by their side. We would want someone to respond the same way for us. Placing our residents’ needs for prompt attention and care communicates “we see them and we know them.” 


Everyone matters to us. Whether a new resident arrived within 24 hours or someone has been with us for four years, we treat everyone the same. We have no favorites. We love seeing our residents smile, laugh, and build healthy relationships. There are many activities our team puts on for our residents to enjoy. Here are just a few of them. 


Reading With Friends


Gathering around with friends to discuss good literature keeps your mind sharp!  If your loved one enjoys reading, we offer a wide-range of books to enjoy. Our book club meets monthly and we are all about helping our loved ones enjoy life. 


Reading a book monthly keeps our minds strong. It increases our vocabulary and allows us to grow in knowledge and understanding.  Providing an activity discussing a great book builds community and strengthens relationships. 


In addition, we also have a beautiful library. We have many books in our library. If your loved one is a book lover and enjoys reading often, then our library is a perfect place for them. They’ll have the opportunity to browse the internet for other additional reading materials as well. It gives them the chance to stay connected with the world around them. 


Look Beautiful At Our Salon


Staying well-groomed builds self-confidence. We love to see our residents looking or feeling their best. We have professional stylists that come in to cut or trim our residents’ hair. They’ll shampoo and style it according to their liking. When you look great on the outside, it adds self-worth and value. 


Browse through our online photo gallery and see what our salon is like. It’s well designed and features everything needed to create a wonderful experience. The moment your loved one walks in, they’ll be taken care of by the best hair professional. We enjoy serving our residents and providing a place for grooming is one way we achieve this! 


Worship With Others


When you’re looking for a place to keep your loved one growing in their faith, you’ll love our chapel. It’s small and intimate. We invite wonderful ministers to come and share the Good News. We believe no matter one’s age, they can continually grow in their faith and beliefs. 


Our chapel services are a great time to spend time in the company of believers. If your loved one is having a depressing day or feeling down about a situation, encouragement from someone of like faith, can turn things around. 


Arts & Crafts

There are many talented and skilled residents at The Parke. We have residents that are talented in painting. We have others that are skilled in creating items for others.  If your loved one has a gift for arts and crafts, they’ll enjoy our weekly events. Our calendar is filled with opportunities for our residents to gather and experience life in a thriving community. 


Our Doors Are Open For A Visit


Of course, we can tell you how amazing our facility is, but we invite you to come experience it for yourself. Give us a call or fill out a form on our website. These are two easy ways to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you and schedule a day to meet. This we promise: you’ll be in for a remarkable treat. 


Visit our testimonial page. Listen to what others are saying about our services. We’ve interviewed staff members, volunteers and residents. Hearing stories about their time at The Parke, helps paint a picture of what you can expect. Excellence is our standard at The Parke, we strive daily to achieve this. And this is what you can count on when you come to visit. 


If you find yourself with questions, we’ll love to answer them! Choosing an assisted living facility for your loved one is a big decision, you want to get right. Let us help you overcome any challenges or hurdles that may be hindering you from moving forward.  It’s important for you to get the best information you need before making a decision and we want to help lead in the right direction.