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We Enjoy Helping Others


A big concern when looking for an assisted living place is “will my loved one be taken care of?” At The Parke, we work with a heart of compassion and grace for our clients. We understand, it’s important to help them with daily tasks and make sure they are properly taken care of. We have medical staff around the clock ready to assist them in the need of any emergency. This is another way we serve our residents, and it gives assurance to their families, they’re in good hands. 


Experience These Phenomenal Services Daily


At The Parke Assisted Living, you’ll enjoy an open living room space. We’ve created a room big enough to eliminate clutter and provide you with space for every item to have a place.  You’ll enjoy a beautiful window view and access to a private patio. Sounds fantastic? It gets even better!  


When it comes to entertaining family or friends, having an open living room space provides you with a chance to have plenty of elbow room! You’ll be able to recline and relax with plenty of legroom without feeling cramped. When you’re looking for people that really are eager to ensure that your living space is one that you’ll enjoy every day, then you found the right place. 


The Parke Assisted Living has the perfect floor plans for you. We’ve taken joy in creating the perfect living space for the elderly. One benefit of our residents’ treasure is having the opportunity to mount a TV onto the wall. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy a theatre-like feel and experience a modern living arrangement. Additional great services include Wi-Fi access, trash removal, and cleaning services. 


Let’s share some other incredible services we offer at The Parke. This will give you a broader view of what you can expect.  


Enjoy Daily Transportation


Love to travel? We do too! At The Parke Assisted Living, you’ll continue to explore the Tulsa area with our incredible transportation team. 


In other words, when you decide to move into an assisted living facility, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will be able to get around town. We have scheduled transportation to help you get to local shopping stores. Moving to an assisted living facility means you don’t have to lose your independence. 


We want to make sure our residents are still plugged into the world around them.  When our residents are wanting to travel, we make the proper plans (with approval and wisdom), to help them achieve their goals. 


We believe it’s important for us to help our residents develop a life outside of our wonderful community. One way we achieve this is through monthly activities. Among those activities is a trip to Gilcrest Museum. It’s a place where our residents have the pleasure of diving deeper into American history and growing in their understanding of different cultures. 


Providing our residents with transportation allows them to live life with hope and joy. Many elderly can’t drive and have to rely on others. Making proper travel arrangements for them, helps their family members know and understand, they really are in good hands.


Enjoy Wifi Internet


Living in an assisted living facility doesn’t mean you have to become unconnected from the world or your family. In fact, we understand the great value of Wi-Fi internet services. Let us share a few ways having Wifi Internet benefits residents. 


Enjoy video chat with your loved ones — anytime, any day!  The internet gives you the opportunity to connect with your loved ones visually.  If a relative lives in another state, residents can enjoy video chat, if their device allows for this. Don’t want to miss out on a special birthday occasion or engagement? Media applications such as Facetime or Zoom or perfect for staying connected and being a part of those special events.


Another benefit of having Wi-Fi access, it increases our customers’ access to good and enjoyable entertainment. During the day, they can listen to their favorite tunes on internet radio (if they need assistance, we’re always glad to help!). Having Wi-Fi access gives the opportunity to listen to relax their minds with smooth music. At The Parke, we’re creating an environment they’ll love. 


Get Emergency First Aid & Care


In life, the unexpected can happen and when it does we respond with emergency care. When you’re living in an assisted living facility, one great benefit is having an emergency first aid and care team readily available to serve you. If a resident accidently slips and falls or has trouble getting out of bed in the morning, we’ll respond immediately. 


We treat our residents as we treat ourselves. A prompt response means we value their needs and their call for help! Our staff is readily available and eager to help assist no matter how big or small the emergency is. 


We Are A Compassionate Team


Compassion moves us to respond immediately to our residents. We’re always on the lookout to help a resident and guide them where they’re needing to go. If they are having a discouraging moment, we want to brighten their day with a smile and a good conservation. Going the extra mile, is being present and actively involved in their lives. Of course, they’ll have the freedom to do as they please and set their own schedule. But it is also good to know we are there for them too. 


Come Tour Our Facility


We’ve shared quite a bit about our wonderful facility. Now, we’re inviting you to take the next step and come visit. Finding the perfect place for a loved one to live and build relationships is important and we would love to help you with the process. 


Let’s be honest, no one likes being in a community where no one knows their name. A place where there are no activities and the only fun game is bingo. At The Parke, we’re quite the opposite. Our staff works with the attitude of doing unto others as they would do unto themselves. This means: we enjoy life and we want our residents to enjoy it too!


This is something that we live out and we practice. Let us share a great testimony from our previous residents. “Our father has been a resident at The Parke since late August. The family could not be happier with the staff, facility and total love and care he has received. Would highly recommend it for a loved one.” Paula N. 


Are you ready to take the next step? Start with filling out a form online and we’ll be in touch. If you have questions, we’ll address them. It’s our goal to ensure you are well-taken care of from the moment you give us a call.  You’ll get the best solutions and guidance to help you make a decision, you’ll be glad about for years to come!