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Your Best Days Are Front! 

To live life to the fullest means to live to the greatest degree. When our loved one’s reach an age where they are requiring help with cleaning, taking their medicine and driving, we may wonder: “will they ever live life to the fullest again?” At The Parke Assisted Living, we believe they can. In fact,  we’ve created a community where the elderly can thrive. It is a place where they can truly live out their best days.

It begins with our beautiful apartments. Our apartments are spacious and perfect for one person or two individuals. You can mount a television on the wall and find a place for your china cabinet as well. In addition, we have a large bathroom that features everything needed for starting the day off well and ending it well too! 

Does your loved one enjoy the outdoors? Our apartments have private patios. How about a beautiful kitchen? It’s a great question! Let us share with you all the incredible features that we have in the kitchens.

Plenty of Storage & Great Appliances 

Cabinet space. Those are two important words when it comes to designing a kitchen. At the Parke, each apartment has plenty of cabinet space for storing goods. If your loved one enjoys cooking their own meals, our kitchen is perfect for them! Whether it’s enjoying a microwavable gourmet dinner or baking chicken, they’ll find everything they need. 


Our kitchens have an oven, microwave, dishwasher and garbage disposal. These appliances are important for cooking the items you need. We strive to help our residents enjoy life everyday by giving them the opportunity to bake cookies or even a cake, and being surrounded by others, they can invite neighbors over! 

Enjoy The Patio

Sitting out on the patio is great to enjoy fresh air and enjoy freshly baked cookies from the kitchen! During the summer months, the weather is beautiful. The grass is flourishing and the flowers are blooming.  Sitting outdoors allows our residents to enjoy nature. It’s a time where they can experience the beauty of creation and spend time with new friends. 


We Have The Best Activities

Sometimes the weather isn’t always favorable for being outdoors. But it doesn’t mean we sit in our apartments bored. It’s quite the opposite at The Parke! We host craft events, movie nights, painting and other fun events. 


Does your loved one enjoy entertainment? They’ll love our movie nights!  Our calendar times for classic movies. Experience movies that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat or laughing until your belly hurts. At The Parke, we care about providing our residents with incredible opportunities to make the most each and every moment! And laughter is one way we achieve this! 


Come Experience Our Choir


Does your loved one love to sing? This is perfect because we have a choir. Maybe your loved one can sing really well or maybe they’re not that talented. Either way, we would love to have them join our choir. Come sing some incredible hymns or classical songs with people who enjoy music.  


It’s great to know that a wonderful singing voice isn’t required for a choir to sound beautiful. When voices are combined together, singing on one accord, it sounds beautiful. And if you’re looking for an opportunity to have your loved one use or awaken their musical talents, the choir is perfect for them! 

Get Personalized Care


Getting to know our residents on a personal level means a lot to us. If your loved one has disabilities, we’ll create a personalized plan for their care. It’s important for us to give your loved one the best treatments and medical attention he or she needs. 


In addition, we also have an emergency team on call for our residents. This gives them a peace of mind. Peace knowing that this will be taken care of in the midst of the unexpected. Whether it is a slip or fall. Perhaps it’s needing help in the bathroom, our team responds right away. We’re trained and skilled in medicine and healthcare. Having a professional team to help your loved one is important to us.


At The Parke, you can expect a lot from our staff. It’s our standard: over-delivering. We’ve set some big goals. One of them is to treat our residents with the best care. It’s what we  practice everyday.  Come visit our beautiful facility and meet our wonderful team. Let’s share a little bit more about scheduling a visit. 

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Our facility is located in the beautiful city of Tulsa. We’re a family owned company. We believe in treating others well and serving them our best gifts and talents. Our staff is diverse in skill. We have skilled cooks, trained medical staff, and a gifted maintenance crew. We invite you to come visit our facility and meet our team. 


The moment you walk through the doors, you’ll be greeted with a smile. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. Our buildings are clean and organized. If you decide to stick around for lunch (we certainly hope you do!),  you’ll be in for a treat. Our lunch menu features a variety of healthy options and treats. You’re sure to have some type of protein as well. 


If you would like to see photos of our facility, please browse our online gallery. See what our apartments look like and how beautiful our gardens really are. Check out our recreational room and our lovely chapel. If you’re interested in taking a virtual tour, there is an option for you. 


In all, at The Parke, you’ll find a team that’ll exceed your expectations. Being comfortable, meeting their needs, giving them a high level of care and making sure that they are taking care of their medication is important as well. So if you’re looking for a safe place for your loved one, you’ll enjoy what we can do for you. When it comes to getting the most incredible services that make great things happen daily.