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What Does The Parke Assisted Living Community Look Like Inside?

HOME — The Parke is complete with everything you need to turn your living quarters into a place called home! That’s one reason we are the highest rated, most trusted and most reviewed Assisted Living Tulsa.


That’s right. Your place at The Parke is complete with a personal kitchen. Even though meals are served by our world class, experienced chef, we want you to have the convenience to make your favorite meal straight from home!


A place called home is also equipped with a place to socialize! The courtyards at The Parke are complete with beautiful landscapes and a place to get some sun, while socializing with some of your favorite people!

Activity Room

This is where the magic happens. At The Parke, we go the extra mile in every way to give you a full schedule of activities to choose from, and the ability to participate with your friends.

Private Dining Room

With fine dining prepared by our incredible chef, you never have to worry about any kind of preparation for your next dining experience when you are a resident at The Parke.

What is the Best Thing About the Parke Assisted Living Community?

The Parke Assisted Living is the senior living community and top Assisted Living Tulsa community with our residents best interest in mind at all times. One of the greatest compliments we hear from our residents about their experience at The Parke is how it feels like ‘a place called home’. At The Parke, our goal is to create an atmosphere for our residents that actually feels like home. That is why our suites include a personalized kitchen, complete with a living room area, bedroom and even a patio where you or your loved one can actually enjoy the outdoors.

At The Parke, a resident’s comfort, safety and wellbeing is our top priority. We go above and beyond to make sure we keep a full activity schedule, along with a world class menu available for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We want to make sure that we create an environment that feels like home, but with the dynamic of what feels like going on a vacation. It truly is the best of both worlds when you join The Parke Assisted Living and our community of truly awesome people!

Most of our residents, before joining The Parke Assisted Living Tulsa community let us know that they enjoy looking at the virtual tours prior to actually visiting in person. This gives you an overview of what to expect. Most of our customers appreciate how they can look at our location before ever entering the building. We go above and beyond in every way possible to help give you peace of mind, knowing we would be a good fit for you and your loved ones before you even give us a call to schedule a tour.

If we are to say that the Parke Assisted Living is a place called home, we need to put our money where our mouth is. That is why at The Parke, we make sure that we deliver everything you need and more to make sure that you feel just as comfortable in your new living quarters that you do in the comfort of your own home. Most families looking for Assisted Living Tulsa locations enjoy all of the variety that we bring to help them make the most of the company of their parents. For most family members, they enjoy the activities just as much as the residents do. They enjoy when the entire family is able to come and visit because we are intentional about making their children feel just at home in our community as well. At The Parke, we are all family and we create the environment that way. A place called home, truly needs to be a place called home and our assisted living truly is the best in all of Tulsa to help you create the environment that you want for your parents when they realize it is time to downsize, lower the maintenance, and of course, your obligations that we always find our residents have to their current home.

At our assisted living community, the goal is to make sure that we keep the same level of community that all of our residents love and appreciate, and that we take it to every spot in the entire building. We encourage you to see the way that we have intentionally created an atmosphere that truly does feel like a place called home. At The Parke, our goal is to make sure that we give you everything you need and more when it comes to the place next, where you begin a living adventure in the next phase of your life. We understand that as you get older, some of your needs may change. Most of our residents find that downsizing during this phase of life works well for them because they don’t necessarily need all of the different chores and maintenance that come from their current home. Most people enjoy downsizing at this phase in life because it makes it easier for them and it’s less maintenance and responsibility.

The great thing you’ll find out The Parke is that even when you’re downsizing and lowering your maintenance obligations for your home, there is still plenty of room at the park. There’s plenty of room for activities and we make sure that each specific activity that we include for our residence gives them everything they need and more to build a community around themselves and truly enjoy what they do every day.

Why Should a Potential Resident Look at Virtual Tours?

We believe at The Parke, that time matters. Any time committed to any project is time away from your family, your job or even time doing your hobbies and other activities you have committed to. At The Parke, building a community where everyone enjoys each other’s company is a HUGE priority to us amongst all other Assisted Living Tulsa communities. That’s why we wake sure we take on residents that are a good fit, and would fit in well with the community we create. In the same sense, you have a specific standard you want for either yourself or your family members. At The Parke, we want to make sure that before you schedule a tour, you’re able to take a peek through our virtual tour to find out if the environment and the atmosphere is one that fits your needs. We believe in a win-win for our community, and keeping that bond strong with our residents is key at The Parke for anyone looking for Assisted Living Tulsa services.

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