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As loved ones age and their needs change, families are faced with difficult decisions about living arrangements required to facilitate the best possible quality of life. If we find our loved one is no longer able to care for their basic activities of daily living, it may be time to look into an assisted living community.

Assisted living communities provide residents the opportunity to utilize all their current skills, and receive professional help where needed, so they can age with grace and dignity. Once seniors are unable to live independently, how do families go about finding the best fit of professional care for their loved one? The following are four steps to consider while choosing an assisted living community.

1. Consider Budget, Benefits and Insurance

Begin by clearly defining your loved one’s budget, benefits, and health insurance. As practical as it seems, prepare on paper before ever stepping foot into a potential place of care for your loved one. If it doesn’t fit financially, it will cause undue strain. The Parke offers a straightforward pricing structure. Monthly rental fees include a robust list of services with optional additional services that can be added as needed—and the costs are outlined clearly to avoid surprises.

2. Assess Needs: Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home

People like to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. If they can do so with minimal to moderate aid, assisted living is an option. The beauty of assisted living at The Parke is that people truly enjoy quality of life in a community setting. As you assess your loved one’s needs, verify that they will benefit from the assisted living community and that they don’t need the 24-hour care nursing homes provide. Assisted living is the perfect bridge between living in their own home independently and nursing home living with 24-hour medical care.

3. Tour Facilities Thoroughly

Schedule a comprehensive tour of potential facilities and document what you liked and didn’t like, what aspects seemed to fit your loved one’s needs, and any questions and concerns that surfaced during the tour. Consider the location of the facilities you are contemplating, and think about how the location will affect your loved one’s quality of life. Are they close enough that you can visit often? Do they have outdoor spaces to enjoy? Take a tour to find out the details that don’t show up in online research. Be sure to utilize all five senses during the tour.

  • See: Notice how clean the building is, particularly the personal living quarters of residents.
  • Taste: Schedule a tour when you can eat in the dining hall and get a firsthand experience of the dietary provisions, diverse menus, and dietary restrictions provided residents who need them.
  • Touch: Schedule a tour adjacent to a hands-on activity with other residents and families in attendance. If there is an event such as a Christmas gathering on the grounds, ask to be a part and take in the whole ambiance of the experience.
  • Hear: Pay attention to how staff members interact with residents. Are they kind, caring, and compassionate? Do they enjoy and value the people who live in the assisted living community? Are they sensitive to unique needs of the people in their care?
  • Smell: There’s nothing like the smell of fresh air—so verify residents can open the windows in their rooms. If there are odors anywhere in the facility, ask the staff about them.

4. Ask About Activities and Special Events

Does the facility you are touring have an Activities Department or Recreation staff? Do they offer offsite as well as onsite opportunities for diverse interests and experiences? Do they provide spiritual or religious services within the facility, or can they transport residents to a church?

Most facilities have an activity calendar with a variety of opportunities to enhance and enjoy life together. Family is always welcome to join in, and fun is on the menu. Exercise classes, concerts, sing-alongs, parties, pet therapy, crafts, bingo, movies, Bible study, bridge, and seasonal gatherings are some of the activities you may find available at an assisted living facility.

The Parke’s premier service boasts raving reviews by its residents and the families they represent. Word of mouth is often how people find out about us, and we are proud of that!

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