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Time with our elderly loved ones is a treasured commodity and should be relished to the fullest. While we enjoy life together, it’s also important to take an objective look at our loved ones and evaluate their potential need for assisted living care. At some point, we may find ourselves aware that the time for change is rapidly approaching.

We want what’s best for our loved one, and we’re well aware they won’t be independent forever. So, where and when do we begin the conversation about the possibility of introducing assisted living care for our loved one’s wellbeing and overall health?

Warning signs that our elderly loved one needs assisted living care may be obvious in some cases. In others, the problems won’t even seem detectible unless carefully examined by caring family members and health professionals. Here are some warning signs a senior loved one may need assisted living care:

1. Lack of good nutrition.

Food is the fuel on which our body runs. If our loved one doesn’t plan nutritious meals, shop for fresh ingredients, and enjoy a rainbow of colors in their daily diet, they may need some assistance so their nutrition needs are met. Imagine the relief of knowing a loved one has three hot meals prepared for them daily, and can enjoy them while making friends in the dining area of an assisted living facility.

2. Physical conditions worsening.

When a senior has a chronic condition that erodes their health over time, it may be time to get assistance with their physical needs to decrease the symptoms and prevent additional health complications.

3. Isolation from people and activities.

Seniors who no longer engage in meaningful activities and relationships may benefit from moving into an assisted living community where activities and social opportunities abound—right at their fingertips!

4. Mounting bills and unopened mail.

If seniors neglect to open their mail, pay bills on time, or responsibly execute their personal finances, it may be time to look into assisted living care.

5. Loss of balance.

When seniors get unsteady on their feet, trouble could be ahead. A loss of balance can trigger a fall that results in a hip or other bone fracture—leaving your loved one incapacitated as they heal. Most homes weren’t designed with seniors in mind, so consider installing safety features such as shower rails, a walk-in shower stall, and sturdy rails on each flight of stairs. Understand it may be best to simplify and look into an assisted living community where everything from flooring choices to rails in the halls and showers provide preventative safety for residents.

6. Inability to keep up with home maintenance.

If seniors no longer care for their home’s maintenance needs and can’t keep up with them, it may be time to consider assisted living care.

The Parke is not only a great value, but our spacious accommodations, delicious food, ideal location, and friendly residents make it a pleasant option to consider in assisted living care. As a family member of The Parke resident stated, “They go above and beyond. They make you feel at home.”

Learn about how assisted living in a caring community can make all the difference in your loved one’s life. When your family member is ready for senior assisted living arrangements that provide socialization, as-needed care, independence, and enriching activities, our elegant, state licensed, Tulsa area assisted living community, The Parke, is honored to provide for your needs. Call us today at 918-249-1262 to schedule a tour and complimentary meal. You will find The Parke both affordable and enjoyable!