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Life can get lonely for some seniors; isolation, solitude, and the lack of social activities can take a toll on one’s quality of life. Sometimes the need arises for a bit of help with simple things like dressing, bathing, shopping, or getting out to socialize. Enter the assisted living communities of today, which offer the help seniors need to stay as independent as possible while still enjoying their zeal for life.

Seniors worked hard for their retirement and should have every opportunity to enjoy each day. Many find that transitioning out of their own home and exchanging their current lifestyle for an active, upbeat assisted living lifestyle creates the perfect atmosphere to make friends, enjoy a strong sense of community, and embrace each day with excitement.

When the energy it takes to keep up with the hefty responsibilities of home ownership and home maintenance is exchanged for a simplified life in an assisted living apartment, seniors have more time to invest in making memories with friends and loved ones on a daily basis. Streamlining their responsibilities and allowing the needed help from assisted living staff offers a welcome transition to many.

If you or your loved one is considering moving into an assisted living facility, gather as much information as possible about your options, take tours of several possibilities, and narrow your search based on your top picks. Here are some things you may not know about assisted living communities:

1. Assisted Living Communities Offer Beautiful Accommodations

The beauty of assisted living is that seniors get to maintain their independence in their own private apartment with their own furnishings, their favorite artwork, their plants, and even pets. At The Parke, seniors enjoy private residences that include a separate bedroom, kitchen, living area, and bath, plus special touches that make life easier—including free Wi-Fi!

2. Assisted Living Communities Offer Loads of Fun for Seniors

Seniors living in assisted living communities get the best of both their own space to relax alone, and loads of social activities to enjoy. They may relish time in their apartment reading, relaxing, or enjoying their favorite show; and once they open the door to leave their apartment, opportunities for socialization and fun abound. Community outings, in-house concerts, arts and crafts, and seasonal celebrations within the community offer great options from which to choose for some daily fun right outside their apartment door.

3. Assisted Living Communities Are Much Different Than Nursing Homes

Individuals who live in assisted living communities are mobile and active. In contrast, nursing home residents are often bedridden and don’t have the mobility they once had. Assisted living communities offer studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments while nursing homes offer a single room or a semi-private room. Assisted living communities provide assistance as needed with activities of daily living such as bathing and dressing, while nursing homes provide 24/7 medical care for residents who have extensive physical needs.

4. Assisted Living Communities Vary in Their Personality and Level of Care

You will notice when you tour various assisted living communities that each one has a unique personality, ambiance, and level of care. The assisted living options have diversified over the last decades, and some communities cater toward golf lovers, others toward specific religious denominations, and others toward specific dietary needs such as kosher. The décor within assisted living communities varies from one to another. And the level of care can be broad or narrow based on their licensing—so be sure to ask about the amount of care available as you tour each facility.

5. Assisted Living Communities May Accommodate Individuals with Memory Loss

If your loved one suffers from memory loss, dementia, or early stages of Alzheimer’s, many assisted living communities can accommodate their needs. Specialized dementia care treatment/memory programs help decrease agitation. When the condition worsens, residents can transition to a dedicated memory care community where staff is trained to help provide safe and secure surroundings and specialized care for those in need of it.

6. Assisted Living Communities Are More Affordable Than You May Think

The price of home ownership including lawn care, home maintenance, utilities, repairs, and even remodeling can add up. Seniors often desire a more simplified life with less responsibilities to deal with on a daily basis. If home health care assistance is needed, the added expense could push a senior’s budget above what they planned for, and additional options should be looked into.

Many seniors have long-term care insurance or Medicaid, which can work nicely when looking into assisted living community options. While touring several assisted living communities, take time to meet with their business office or senior living consultant to learn about how to best finance this retirement option. Veterans and their spouses can be eligible for VA benefits to help with the cost of care. Creative financing options can make living in an assisted living community affordable.

7. Assisted Living Communities Welcome Pets

Animals are a big part of many people’s lives, and one of the beauties of assisted living lies in the way they welcome your pets. Various communities have breed restrictions and pet weight limits, so be sure to talk with each community you tour about your loved one’s pets. The therapeutic benefits of owning and caring for a pet during one’s senior years make accommodating for a senior’s pets a priority when it’s time to transition to an assisted living community.

The Parke Assisted Living Community offers engaging activities, delicious food, comfortable apartments, and refreshing views for seniors. Schedule a tour and learn how fun senior living can be in a caring community located in the heart of Tulsa. You’re sure to appreciate the quality of care, variety of community outings, and general warmth of residents and staff alike at The Parke. The nearby mall offers a great place to get out and enjoy life with your friends and family. Schedule a tour of The Parke Assisted Living Community today.