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Making memories to cherish with your mother is attainable with a little planning. One of the things Moms, whether in an assisted living facility or not, appreciate most is the opportunity to spend quality time with their family. This year, why not switch things up a bit by creating new traditions, and adding thoughtful touches throughout the day? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Plan Ahead

Seniors enjoy looking forward to special events, so initiate now and get time set aside on your senior Mom’s calendar. Bounce some ideas off your Mom, and hone in on the plan that will demonstrate how much you love her.

Give Variety to the Day

Give texture and flavor to make Mom’s day special by doing more than one activity. Consider a mixture of activities. Here are some ideas:

At home, or close to home

  • If your Mom lives in an assisted living community, check out the activities calendar, and consider participating in activities they have scheduled. Enjoy time with your Mom at her place of residence, and get to know her friends as you enjoy activities.
  • If your Mom prefers to gather with family in her assisted living facility, plan ahead. Often, there are places that can be reserved for family gatherings if you schedule them in advance.
  • If there is a courtyard at your Mom’s assisted living facility, pack a picnic and some outdoor games to enjoy together in the convenience of her residence.
  • Bring a puzzle or some playing cards with you when you visit your Mom. Play some music she enjoys, and have some fun together.
  • Take craft supplies with you to make something meaningful with your Mom on your special day with her.
  • Grill steaks in your backyard for dinner, and invite your children and grandchildren to join the fun.
  • Pile in your family room and watch a fun classic movie together as you wind down for the evening.
  • Play a board game together with multiple generations, and let laughter abound.
  • Gather around your Mom, and open the family photo albums. Ask your Mom to share stories with you about various pictures.
  • Hook up your computer to your television, and put your family’s videos on the “big screen” to enjoy with your Mom.
  • Take a drive in the country and observe nature, or take a drive through various parts of town where flowers are in bloom, and enjoy a visual feast together.
  • Bake one of your Mom’s favorite meals together, particularly if she lives in a place where meals are provided.
  • Get dressed up and plan an afternoon tea together, complete with an assortment of tea cups and saucers, finger sandwiches, and cookies or small pastries.

In the community

  • For ease of mobility, if necessary, rent a wheelchair or walker, and go to the zoo with your family.
  • Grab some snacks, and go to Riverside Airport’s outdoor gazebo (near the runway) to watch the planes take off and land.
  • Tour the simple places that exude character, like Broken Arrow’s Rose District or Main Street in Jenks. Grab some chocolate or an ice cream on Main Street, or simply window shop as you stroll down Main.
  • Pack a lunch and head out to Gathering Place for refreshing vistas and fun for all ages.
  • Make pottery together on Main Street Broken Arrow, and enjoy a lasting memory to treasure in the future.
  • Some Moms may enjoy going out to eat, while others may like to eat at home to enjoy some intimate time with the family. Ask your Mom for her preference, and honor it.
  • Pick your Mom up from her residence in the morning, and start the day together by attending her church. There are often special sermons and music that honor Mom, and it’s a great way to start the day.
  • Take your Mom shopping for some new clothes, grab some tasty lunch while you’re out, and finish the afternoon with a movie at her favorite theatre in the area.
    Treat your Mom to a delightful lunch at the Philbrook Museum of Art. Their white linen tablecloth Sunday brunch is fit for a queen, and Mom’s sure to feel like one after this exquisite food and views out their wall of windows overlooking the colorful gardens.
  • Find some refreshing live music in town to enjoy together. There’s something about the smiles that spontaneously come with refreshing live music.
  • Stop at her favorite ice cream shop and indulge.
  • Your Mom is worth celebrating, so surprise her with a thoughtful gift while you’re together.

Choose Thoughtfulness in the Details

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. Elderly living can sometimes be rooted in the daily routine your Mom chooses, and that’s great. But on special days with her loved ones she’ll enjoy switching things up to make great memories together and share moments that she can savor.

Take some time to think of special touches you can add to your day to make it memorable.

Here are some ideas:

  • Bring fresh cut flowers to present to your Mom at the door when you greet her.
  • Write a letter to your Mom from your heart, and give it to her during your time together.
  • Listen carefully to her input as you plan the day together, and honor her wishes and preferences. You may have a favorite restaurant you think she will love, but if she prefers a different one, go with it!
  • Get the generations from your family involved in the day together. Encourage the children to make a card for your Mom that she will treasure for years to come.

The love and appreciation you have for your Mom can be expressed in many different ways throughout the year, not just on Mother’s Day. The main thing is that you take time to honor her and enjoy moments together.