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As senior loved ones age, their needs may require changes in their housing situation. When transition is in order due to your loved one’s changing needs, looking at the options can feel overwhelming. Balancing their desires, needs, and budget can be tricky.

At The Parke Assisted Living we understand the changing needs of seniors. That’s why we offer premium assisted living in a locally owned, gorgeous community located in the heart of Tulsa. Designed for their unique needs, seniors are offered a quality of life they desire in a safe, secure place they’re proud to call home. When assistance is needed, we offer it with dignity and care.

When deciding between assisted living and independent living, begin by learning about each of these viable options for your senior loved one. Here are some facts to consider:

Similarities in independent living and assisted living:

Meals are provided

Both independent living and assisted living communities provide three meals a day for their residents. The convenience of simply going into the dining room for meals offers seniors the opportunity to spend their energy enjoying family and friends rather than shopping, cooking, and cleaning up after their meals. And families appreciate knowing their parents are eating healthy meals in the comfort of their new home.

Activities abound

A wide array of activities are available to both independent living and assisted living residents. Fun, engaging activities strengthen social connections, keep the mind sharp, and tone the body. When senior loved ones socialize regularly, they actually become at a decreased risk for mental and physical health problems such as depression and anxiety. Enriching Bible studies, uplifting sing-a-longs, festive celebrations and holiday gatherings all enhance the quality of life seniors enjoy in independent living or assisted living communities.

Socialization flourishes

Friendships are forged when seniors join together in the community aspects of independent living or assisted living. The opportunity to eat with other seniors each day, the chance to have fun together participating in the activities offered, and the proximity of new friendships right outside your apartment door help seniors (who may have felt lonely in the past) enjoy life.

Grounds taken care of

Most seniors welcome the opportunity to lay down the responsibility of home maintenance and enjoy a clean, well-kept residence. The beauty of senior living lies in the exchange of previous responsibilities for present ease of living. The housekeeping departments of both independent living and assisted living communities take great care of the facilities in which seniors live. No longer do families need to be concerned about the overall safety of their loved one’s home.

Differences Between Independent Living and Assisted Living Communities

Who chooses which type of residence?

Independent Living: Individuals who are able to live independently, but don’t want to maintain their own home, enjoy independent living communities. The awesome social activities, meals, and amenities are the main drawing points for healthy seniors.

Assisted Living: Seniors who need help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as eating, bathing, dressing, laundry, and help with medications—but want to live as independently as possible—choose to live in an assisted living community. The perfect place for those not comfortable living alone, yet not in need of the medical care that comes with living in a nursing home, assisted living offers the perfect solution for people who want to enjoy life, but need some assistance each day.

Do most people stay long-term?

Independent Living: This type of community is appealing to those who are healthy and don’t need assistance. The problem is, things can change, and when they do, a move to a new place is necessary, and that’s not easy for most seniors. While some people stay in independent living communities long-term, others have no choice but to move to a place where they can get more help when their health takes a turn.

Assisted Living: Those who choose to move into an assisted living community even if their need for assistance is minimal, appreciate the fact that as their need for assistance in ADLs increases, the help is available onsite to meet their need. In general, they can maintain long-term relationships with staff and other residents without the disruption of needing to move to another facility due to the increase in their need for help with ADLs. It makes this a favorable option to consider when planning for the long-term needs of your loved one.

What types of medical staff are on-site 24/7?

Independent Living: The round-the-clock staff at most independent living facilities consists of a security guard and a receptionist. There aren’t medical personnel on-site 24/7, so often an ambulance is brought in if a physical need arises, such as a fall. Independent living can cost more in the long run for residents who need medical help.

Assisted Living: The staff at assisted living communities administer medications to residents, ensuring they get what their doctor ordered each day. They have qualified, medically trained staff on-site around the clock. Their staff is trained in medical procedures, and there is an RN on call 24/7.

Which facility type is regulated by the state?

Independent Living: This type of community is not regulated by the state.

Assisted Living: These communities are regulated by the state.

How do the costs compare?

Independent Living: This type of community may cost more in the long run for people who need help with things like eating, bathing, dressing, and mobility.

Assisted Living: There is often a higher base price than independent living, but those who live in assisted living may save in the long run due to no surprise bills coming in the form of third-party care, and they don’t have to move when their level of care increases to needing more help with ADLs.

Senior living transitions don’t have to be complicated. Get to know your options, and visit them to see which one makes sense to you and your senior loved one. Check out what others are saying about The Parke Assisted Living Community.