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Meaningful moments shared with our loved ones are something to be treasured for years to come. But meaningful moments don’t always happen spontaneously; they need to be planned. Creating memories together brings a warmth and joy that’s savored over the years since family relationships are some of life’s most valuable possessions.

When planning visits to see your loved one in an assisted living community, take some time for intentional forethought so you can bring both joy and variety to their day. Here are some ideas to launch you into a whole new season of happy memories with your senior loved one:

1. Bring a pet to your loved one to enjoy during your visit

Pets bring a smile to just about everyone. They provide comfort, help decrease stress levels, ward off depression, increase happiness, and even lower both your blood pressure and cholesterol. Check with the assisted living community to verify it’s ok to bring a dog with you to visit your loved one.

2. Take a walk together

A convenient, refreshing activity to enjoy with your loved one is a simple walk. It can help increase well-being and health, and it can provide a great time to strike up a conversation. Plan a walk inside or outside the assisted living community, or take a drive to the local park or mall and enjoy a stroll with some new scenery surrounding you. Walking is easy on the joints and it’s fun to do together. If your loved one needs assistance walking, or a wheelchair—simply provide the assistive device, adapt to their preferred distance and pace, and enjoy!

3. Attend a fun activity in the assisted living community

Your loved one may really enjoy taking a look at the activities calendar and planning to attend something together within the assisted living community. It’s a fun way to enjoy life together, get to know their friends, and be a part of the community of people they are surrounded by daily.

4. Make a craft together

Gather some simple craft supplies, and create thoughtful gifts for family and friends with your loved one. Embroidery, knitting, quilting, sewing, stained glass, leather crafts, and making pottery are just a few of the many fun options from which to choose. Enjoy fun conversation as well as the satisfaction of creative craft making.

5. Music

Everyone loves music. It can bring back great memories, and provide a backdrop to enjoy a refreshing visit with your loved one. Create a playlist they can enjoy at any time, or bring one with you to play as you visit. If you play the guitar or another portable instrument, bring it with you and have a sing-along with your loved one. Or, play some songs from their younger years, and reminisce while looking at old photos together.

6. Laughter

When you plan to visit your loved one in the assisted living community, bring cards, board games, and other fun activities they enjoy. Lighten things up a bit with simple games like UNO, Dominoes, or Checkers. Encourage your loved one to invite some of their friends to join in, and make some memories laughing together while enjoying the fun that playing games together can bring.

7. Family

Connection with family members is vital to your loved one. Take time to bring other family members with you, or connect online during your visit so your loved one can stay up to date on all the activities your family is involved in. Relationships are strengthened as families spend time together, so create a way for your family members to connect regularly with your loved one.

8. Community outings

Take your loved one on outings into the community. They may enjoy a trip to a favorite restaurant, a favorite museum, a family event, a nearby park, the mall, a store they love, a nail salon, their favorite hair salon, or a church service. Plan ahead for your outing together so your loved one can look forward to it.

9. Eat together

Join your loved one for a meal in their dining room, or take them outside for a picnic to spice things up a bit. If possible, make a meal together at the assisted living community or at your home. Make a way to gather together and enjoy some flavors your family loves.

10. Read together

Bring a book and read aloud together. Or, on your own time, read the same book as your loved one is reading and discuss the book when you visit.

11. Movie night

It’s fun to watch a movie together, so grab some snacks and plan a movie night with your loved one. If they need a DVD player, bring one along. Take time in advance to plan which movie you would like to view, and enjoy looking forward to your time together.

Once your loved one has moved into an assisted living community, enjoy life together every chance you get. Perhaps schedule a weekly visit and bring something fun to do together each time you connect (ideas include a puzzle, Jenga, Catch Phrase, or photos). Plan ahead to pick your loved one up for special occasions, holidays, or even a symphony from time to time.

Seniors enjoy independence in a caring community

We understand how overwhelming it can be to maintain total independence in later years. That’s why since 2000, Tulsa’s locally owned assisted living community, The Parke, has helped seniors enjoy their independence in a caring community environment.

The Parke balances care, community, and independence so your loved one can enjoy the quality of life they deserve. Your loved one’s new residence will give them the freedom to enjoy life while surrounding themselves with caring people provide the assistance they need.

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