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This Father’s Day, you may need a little resourcefulness to show your elderly Dad just how much you love him. With social distancing still in order due to COVID-19, some planning and creativity will help you find a safe way to show your senior Dad how thankful you are for him.

Dads deserve awards for all they do for their kids and grandchildren along the way. Here are some safe solutions to help you connect with your senior loved one this Father’s Day.

From Afar

1. Write him a letter

Although technology is awesome, there’s nothing quite as special as a handwritten letter from the heart. Your Dad may be miles away, but a heartfelt letter about how much you appreciate him could be just what he needs. Think about it. He can pick it up again and again over the next several months or years, and treasure your expression of kindness.

2. Send him recent photos

Grab the most adorable pictures of you and your kids, and get them printed for your Dad. You’re sure to bring a smile to his face by filling a Father’s Day card with the bright, refreshing smiles of those he loves.

3. Order his favorite food

These days, it’s quite common to order out and have a delicious meal delivered. Coordinate the timing, and have some mouthwatering food sent his way to say “I love you” in a way he’s sure to appreciate.

4. Set up a Zoom video call

If you can’t get to your Dad’s residence to see him in person this Father’s Day, plan ahead to visit on a video conference call. It’s the perfect solution to not seeing your Dad in person, as you can see each other and talk online. Coordinate with other siblings or your children to join the “watch party” online and have a great (virtual) time together!

5. Send a gift

You Dad is sure to welcome a gift in the mail. Take some time to learn about what he needs or wants, and send it to him. Follow up with a phone call to see how much he liked his surprise gift and share how thankful you are for him.

In Person

6. Visit Dad at his place

Set up a time to go see your Dad at his home or assisted living facility (call ahead to verify visits are allowed at this time). Bring some homemade treats he enjoys, and plan ahead to share some fun together.

Here are some simple ideas:

  • Make a puzzle together.
  • Put on his desired music and reminisce about some of his favorite memories.
  • Play a board game.
  • Enjoy a game of cards.
  • Browse old photo albums.
  • Cook his favorite meal together.

7. Take your Dad to church on Father’s Day

There is usually special music, encouraging sermons, and great fun each Father’s Day in local churches. Social distancing is practiced at churches at this time. If you’re not comfortable going to a service, catch one online together, and be encouraged. It’s a great way to start the day’s celebration.

8. Drive to the lake

Perhaps your Dad loves to fish or boat. This is a beautiful time of year to head out to the lake together and enjoy some sunshine in honor of your Dad. It’s not hard to social distance at the lake, so grab a picnic lunch or some carryout food on the way, and make a day of it.

9. Watch the planes

There may not be as many planes as usual, but it’s still fun for most Dads to go to Riverside Airport, park at the covered picnic area on the far side of the runway, and watch the planes take off and land. There’s something thrilling to most men about airplanes, and your Dad is sure to love the scenery, company, and eats on his special day.

10. Take a stroll

The Gathering Place walking paths are open, and social distancing measures are in place throughout the park. Enjoy a stroll together around the pond, gardens, and riverfront views.

11. Watch a movie together

Find a great movie your Dad likes, and rent or purchase it to watch together on Father’s Day.

12. Go out to eat

Many restaurants are open for business, and social distancing is being practiced. There are also quaint places to eat with outdoor seating that gives an additional measure of clean air to the equation. Sunshine and fresh air combined with delicious food create the perfect ingredients for a great time together.

13. Stroll down Main Street

The vintage shops on Main Street in both Broken Arrow and Jenks provide the perfect backdrop for a fun time with your Dad. Grab some ice cream or chocolate at a local shop and find a park bench to sit and chat about memories you savor together.

14. Include the dog

Take your Dad and his dog (or your own dog) to a local park or on a relaxing drive. Dogs add an extra element of fun to the gathering, so invite the family’s four-legged friend along, and add an unexpected twist to your fun together.

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